nullspace and the stars...
too bad you can't really see any of that in la
me? The Moon is Waxing Crescent (4% of Full) 991110
Colleen i am sitting on the moon
in one of those big craters
the american flag just floated by
plink - plink - plink
from here i can see a hole
in the ozone layer
i didn't do it
did i?
trakie i lie on the roof and stare at the moon. although we live miles apart, we call each other and sit in silence staring at the moon together. it is that way that we are one. 991216
lizard it would be so much more beautiful if i could see it with
andrea the silvery light shines on
the pavement in
a beautiful echo of
the far & beyond
if i look hard, i can see
the footprint made
long ago while thousands
watched in awe
my feet will never be infamous
a cool night breeze brings
goosebumps to my skin
my smoky swirls disappear
into the nighttime sky
how many others are
looking at the same sight
are they lonely too?
or do they revel in their
comfortable solitude?
but most of all, i wonder
if somewhere out there,
my spinning-soon-to-self-destruct-planet
is being watched by
a contemplative insomniac

copyright 2000
gaudior ever changing, never the same.

the moon loves me.
Q Voila! (not quite Eureka!)
The Moon is made of white cheese.
FooLmOOn well, i think its one of the most amazingly wonderful things, it makes many people very mystical and it gives people all sorts of interesting beliefs, that is very very special. yet it just turns some into a bunch of fools, perhaps that is why i use this name, to show people i am mocking them, yet they never really get it, they are too invloved in their own lives and crap and stuff. 000116
camille glares at me through the trees knowing i am there
between shadow of stare.

Shrouded in a blanket of night with pinholes for stars... i wonder what's on the other side.
bee i think everything i've ever done, and loved and wanted to do again has happened while it was shining. 000210
fairydust and here she comes, home tonight,
and back to the moon I go,
with nothing now,
and nothing left behind
amy how come? it's so powerful? 000309
fairydust In my new room, i cannot see the moon.
I think i shall cry every night in misery.
I will miss the moon.
I can feel it through these walls.
Warm and cool at the same time.
It is the only thing that is warm and cool at the same time.
Except for my heart.
I will cry for the moon, as he crawls through my moonless window.
And he will hold me while I cry for the moon, as he marvels at my devotion.
loreren female, dream, goddess etc. 000425
moonshine *MoonbeammoonflowermOOn M00Nmoonchildm00nmooncakes.moonwater.moonlightMOOON.moonburn.moonshade.Moony.Luna.Isism00nAthena.mOOnvenus.aphrodite.m00n 000603
littleblueperson nice 000703
kaskarkaminski A thief discovered where a hermit lived.
One night the thief came and took all of
the hermit's clothes, and all of his food.
As the hermit sat outside on a log and watched the thief depart, he thought to himself:
Poor man, i wish i could give him that beautiful moon i see.

old Zen story
shinya onna Does the moon ever overflow? 001003
Tank i just finger fucked by the moon...

i was walking to the store and i smiled at a tree and I felt the moon looking at me. so i turned my face to her and she straight up finger fucked me...

it was amazing and i highly recommend it to anyone and everyone...

it has, however, left me feeling incredibly horny, and i have subsequently tried shagging the wall and a door knob from behind...
fairydust i can't see you anymore 001107
R why can't I find a whole in the moon
to hide in?
Juno Reactor The heavens, the stars, the water, cars, the icecaps, the moon, (the pyramids) of egypt. 010214
suzy the green cheese sphere orbiting madly
spinning dreams and smiling
god unit zappa 010219
zubin mehta 010224
skg ilLUmiNAte ... 010413
Sol haunting my nights and lighting my way, dark and light, comfort from the night and creator of terrors, moonchild moonfear, 010418
dls she unveiled her face; a pale goddess of the night. 010424
dls "she looks so lonely up there"

"she is"

"oh... i feel sorry for her."

"don't. she has her friends."

"are you one of them?"

"when i am so moved."

"i still feel sorry for her."

"suit yourself."
dls it is interesting;

no one else can post in this thread but i.
dls Hmmmm

i think i have hijacked this topic.
florescent light I couldn't feel Spring until tonight, when I saw the moon
And I remember when you and I stood there staring
And you said you could see Snoopy,
And I said I could see the Energizer Bunny.
We both laugh, but everytime since, I can't look and not see.
I took you home with me
You told me how you loved my mind.
k blue moon dancer --
even when it's just
a slight sliver of a crescent
the sunset-moonrise still moves me

(you can't tell me you don't remember)
the repeater 010508
Shugarhi My mother. 010511
marissa she likes to see herself as the sun, later she made me into the moon. 010603
fairydust lives in the jungle 010623
freakizh i'm moon's daughter.

still, can't make this night more wonderful.

but i'm surrounded by stars.
jacobcansk8 glowing orb floating over black waters telling true beauty to the blind and the unexpierenced a cliff jutting over this lake capturing my heart in every wake of bass boat passing by i enjoy the moment with her with my friends with my sister with anyone willing to be there with me i enjoy the mom ent alone stoned and weeping for my life to be this beautiful and i leave because i can't handle the site anymore i can't ake the beauty it kills me to lok at it it hurts to know that something this great was put here by something i don't know but i wish to learn this site of beauty bleeding truths from me and tearing me down 010722
Lindsey the moon and i have a strange relationship. it comforts me when i cry, but when the night cries, there is little i can do. 010728
jane i like it when the moon is high and red and you can see it from everywhere because it's beams seem to glide across the sky and rollerskate around the world when really it's just high and red so you can see it's face 010824
Norm This is obviously the problem, and I think it starts with you. 010827
Mer the moon is the most constant thing in my life...

and it's never constant.
jane i fell in love with the moon
in my dream it was indigo, though.
ClairE It's masculine, I tell you.
And never loves me.
I can't rip my heart away from its orbit.
Toxic_Kisses The moon makes me think of Mean (And yes, supposedly that was/is his real name) He said he was like the moon, alone yet always shining and if I ever missed him to look up @ the moon and know he too was missing me. Yea, I know corny, but *shrugs* some how even though we're not in contact any longer I still feel so comported whenever I look @ the moon now 011216
Lindsey we don't pay much attention to the moon anymore. sometimes, as we lie on the hood of his car, we mention it, but no one ever walked there like he walks all over me. 020102
ClairE Elijah was driving and said, "WHOA!" and I looked up and thought it was fake. So huge and sitting right in the tree. He almost drove off the road.

We tried to make it large again but it was rising as we sped toward the mountain, and driving to the top of the parking lot, I remembered how we used to kiss. A small, paler moon in the sky.
kerry large, pale,


voluptuous moon... you could just

[take a bite]
angie im an orange moon
-erykah badu...
i really like her...
angie ill be seeing you
in every lovely summers day
in everything thats light and gay
ill always think of you that way
ill find you in the morning sun
and when the day is through
ill be looking at the moon
but ill be seeing you
-this is a beautiful song i sang with this group last year...i dont knwo who it is is old reminds me of last year...
Miffey She used to give me so much comfort, when I let her in.
When my soul wasn't so blurred by LSD.
I hope someday I can get that solace back.
Some days I can feel it, but only a twinkling... but waxing, nonetheless.
angie I have some odd fascination with the moon.
It seems that everything eventually leads to the moon.
Has some connection...somewhere.
I tie it into every peice of liturature I've ever read.
It's been the topic of most of my essays for school.
Its important.
Everything that is female.
Everything that is male.
The earth.
when darkness falls moon was the light when we walked the streets and there was no other light except for some cars that passed by once an hour. it was good. we walked and we walked and we walked, we could talk about anything, anyone, and would never get bored. it was only three of us, me, you, and the moon. nowadays i miss the place we used to go, and old park. we used to go there at night and sit there for hours, watching the moon, the flowers, the old rundown carousel that once carried a crowd of happy kids around as they laughed and screamed until it stopped. we used spend all we had to ride that carousel. then we used to sit under the tree and play cards with the many friends we had, and when years passed, we still went there to watch the sunrise. the beautiful it is, the sunrise. when the arc of the sun is red at first, then it comes out in all its glory. then the moon disappears, and we go home and sleep 020719
Rae i saw the path the moon's light made on the water. i wished that i could have followed it away from the floating tomb that was my home. 020811
blown cherry Did anyone see it tonight?
Its unreal light filtering through the skies and making brilliant an otherwise ugly and starless city-lit sky
No logic to feeling
I said goodbye Mr. Sunshine
2 let you excist
kicked Mr. Blue
to let you be seen
surrender by dark
you take your place
universal light...
littleidiot i paid twenty bucks and now i have a deed stating that i own an acre of the moon's land.

probably a scam, but hey, its a pretty neat little document.
sal i look at the moon and i wonder if your looking at it too. even though we are so far apart we could still both be looking at the same thing in the sky. its incredible 021221
jgel [a.k.a. daja] you're the one
that flies me to the moon
at the sound of your voice
at the sight of your font

(yes i know, its getting a bit too sloppy... argh what's the word...)

with your wonderful words
with your perfect accent and wonderful ways of saying, "you're special"

i'm not sure if you know
or if you're aware
or if you know how deep it runs

through my eyes -
a mini solar system -
passed jupiter and mars,
having already seen
what the spring is like -

- running through my soul
this deep and longing feeling
bringing me back to you

because you are all i long for
all i worship ...
and adore

the song that wings within me forever more is dedicated to you, my closest friend. times change, believe me i know, and i know that people change as well, so, i guess this is a dedication to the love i had for you on a more crush level before and the more personal, friendship love i have for you now... so i guess its safe to say now that i've explained myself a bit more, i love you
daja *sings... not "wings" ....argh, major typo, soz... love you 021223
megan a sliver of cheese, perhaps to few,
under this i loved you anew.
great craters and holes and soft little boys,
fishing in midnight, playing with toys.
and all the girls are home tucked in bed,
with visions of fantasy dancing in their heads.
magical and powerful, scientifical, fun,
kissing and cuddling, true love, till night's done.
jane the moon was so fucking amazing tonight i was screaming at crista how amazing it was and i told her to tell the guy that we pulled up next to that he needed to look at the moon and he said yeah its really cool and then he said so lets go and he revved his engine and i revved mine and he peeled out when the light turned green but i beat him anyway

root and i swear i saw the moon move
light across the sky with a star at its side
B.A.Dorman The full moon shines through my blackest curtains and
wakes me up at night
User24 the moon is amazing, it seems like it's watching over us, of course it can't be, after all, it's just a fucking piece of rock floating space unable to escape our gravity.

but why are we drawn to the supernatural? when the world as it is is so amazing? where does the need to beleive in ghosts and vampires, witches and wizards come from? maybe it's inherent in us to believe in the impossible, to stop us looking at the world in too much detail?
pobodys nerfect I was watching the news this afternoon and they had a guest in to talk about how mars is so close to the earth right now. During his interview, he also discussed the size of the moon compared to mars. He said that the moon was so small,that it could fit in between the distance of Ottawa and Vancouver. I thought that was really interesting. I always figured the moon to be alot larger than that. 030813
crimson Once a month in the summer
Will and I sneak out to see the moon
On the docks we watch stars and bats fly over
Summer Ohio nights are cold
We sit closely and watch the huge yellow moon set
Humming songs and 'moo'ing like the bullfrogs
I still have one of his socks
I still love him
He always hugged me a little bit longer
taen i'll be looking at the moon
but i'll be seeing you
pobodys nerfect ah,Bing Crosby. Beautiful song. :) 030908
writings on weed and the moon will always shine in my dreams so it seems, what you get is what you see... ah forgot whatever.. good song that is. damn i miss that girl who i used to kick it with, we listened to this song and many others in her car... damn that was a nice time, shit, i miss her wow she disappeared like that without saying anything, no call, no talk, no nothing, damn, how cold, i was sad, really sad, i didn't know why, what i did wrong, where i fucked up, damn, i was disappointed, i guess i built the castles in the sky a little too early, i guess, i counted the chickens b4 they hatched, fuck... never thought... she was so nice at first and then she fucked me over ... damn 030918
User24 still hanging in the sky at midday, mm.. I love winter. 031016
pipedream moonriver, wider than a mile...

always wish on a full one..
WTF (_|_) 040209
Jess If you've ever read "Stark", Ben Elton, you'll know what I mean!
I started thinking today.
If the world was going to end and just a few people got tickets for themselves and 1 guest to the moon,
would anyone take me?
I don't think anyone would.
I don't like that thought!
In all then cliched paragraphs you write you say "the moon is lonely", I fear I'm lonlier than the moon!
What use is it when everybody likes you, if nobody will love you?
kx21 * ilink:- Finger_and_Moon *

What consittuted the Beauty of "Moon"?
. e.g The Moon in Blather Space:-

p1 Finger(s) of the Moon... 040609
Moon ? 040609
the spongmonkeys we_like_the_moon 040609
lucky There's this boy. And when I look into his eyes. I can see everything. Everything the world is supposed to be. Everything it can be. I see dreams. And beauty. Love and light. I see life. And I see the moon... 040730
. 040731
globalfruitbat AH!!
Ben Elton is brilliant and frightening... I'm ahving a BEn Elton binge right now. Dead famous?? so true to life! (esp. if you are a big brother junkie like me...) and stark is so scary. and gridlock? right in the middle of that book at the mo'.

and the moon is all red b/c of the forest fires in bc...scary too.
noname i am just a small pasty. nobody listens to me and i am depressed. i waish i could find another pasty to play with. a cornish would be nice. i'll go and eat myself now 040826
thunderbuck ram so good to see the lunatics have taken over this section of the asylum.

The Man in the Moon came down too soon and asked his way to Norwich. He went by the South and burnt his mouth, by eating cold pease porridge
in love with natalie if you are the everlasting moon
that looks onto the everlasting
space beneath
can i
humbly be
the darkness that surrounds you
in love with natalie if you are the everlasting moon
that looks onto the everlasting
space beneath
can i
humbly be
the darkness that surrounds you?
Ashley i told him to look out his window. and look for the moon. i said whenever you look at the moon think of me. because you know somewhere, i am looking at that same moon. no matter how far apart we are. 050123
智慧21 ... 050123
*Amy* my love, forever, inconditional 050314
andru235 lunaris 050314
concha my mother used to place dishes on the table when her light came through our western facing windows so that when we woke up in the morning we could have dishes of moonlight with breakfast.

sometimes my mother paints her as a man, an occurance which i think she finds entirely amusing from her pearly fair advantage point spying through my bedroom window.
jordie Midnight in the hub here is a great, supple thing.
The panes are nothing but blinking, watery eyes.
My hut is but a jut from the mountainside, a wing.
A velvet swathe of black, it’s slinging limply in the skies.

It is I who lives, who breathes, who sings.
It’s the emerald petals that swoon and lean.
It is I who heeds and sees these things.
It’s the claret sun that sparks and gleams.

Dawn in the fringes here is a petite, dazzling thing.
The trodden trails are merely threads of hair.
The trees are but the foreign product the peddlers bring.
Upon the canvas of sky is the pallid sliver of night, waning into day.

It is I who lives, who breathes, who sings.
It’s the emerald petals that swoon and lean.
It is I who heeds and sees these things.
It’s the claret sun that sparks and gleams.

Winter in the grove is a tender, embracing thing.
The crystals are clearly frozen luminescence.
The mountains are majestic silhouettes, tall kings.
A pearly swaddle of snow is sacred and tender to the eye.

It is I who lives, who breathes, who sings.
It’s the emerald petals that swoon and lean.
It is I who heeds and sees these things.
It’s the claret sun that sparks and gleams.
It’s the nature’s hand that weaves and brings.
Nature’s hand that sews and dreams.
emmi it all made sense once i knew it had been a full moon 060618
krupt the goddess that watches upon us, i quote the wiccan creed "ever mind the rule of three, what ye cast forth comes back to thee..." 080227
Ouroboros I'm sorry 091008
hert/felt its light reflection reaches over,
shines languidly on this night.

my moonlit occupant has been awoken.

drifting into sleep I dedicate my thoughts to him.

we will meet someday, again.
In_Bloom It knows all my secrets, treasures and hopes. 120109
djstar moonbathing
finding hydration
where once wet -
any chance to get.

May you bless me
under Spring waters -
Salvation quarters.

bells ringing in ears singing
eyes sounding green echoes
-> (_|_) 120415
what's it to you?
who go