drew you won't catch me bowing down to your god or anyone else's... i am my own saviour, thank you very much. 981117
dallas What you say is unnatural.

You will be punished.
nicedream everyone likes to be 990410
grasshopper religion tries to stop us from worshipping each other freely

another word for worship is "love"
birdmad if we deify " love " then we are setting ourselves up to become atheists

letting it wind around your soul like an over-affectionate cat at your ankles

one day you'll trip over it
grendel haha...

what a difference six months makes

my unspoken desire for a friend leaves me in reverent awe of her,

i had forgotten that this could feel good

though she may be leaving
and though she may never come back
(even though she says she hopes to)
and even though she may never know that she makes me feel this way

i feel new and different because of her

and i like it.
Barrett Ahh, the cosmic teeter-totter, Grendel goes up as Barrett hits the ground. 001027
god drew-
right on, bro.

"jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine. thick, heart of stone, my sins my own- they belong to me."
-patti smith
god dallas-
everything is natural, babe.
god nice dream-
you are a pervert.
keep talking!
god grasshopper-
you velly wise grasshoppa.
religion is a bunch of bullshit.
god birdmad-
being an atheist is cool! i started out as one.
god grendel-
hell, call her.
god barrett-
relationship troubles?
Qryssi It's funny to worship someone who won't accept your praise.

Actually not funny... more like disappointing. Degrading. But sorta nice all the same.
nemo i love you too 011107
unhinged i wish i could have one of the sets
of adoring eyes that
follow you
such an old fashioned love_letter
you are
in the thoughts of every guy
you have to fight off
obsession with a stick but
my wrists found out
a long time ago
that i could never be you
inferiority a disease
i could never get rid of
you sunk one thousand ships
in as many glances
where i could only be so lucky
the purity
blackens my black
Casey I would worship her, if only she would notice and tlak to me. 011107
misstree i worship words.

each has their own god; money, entertainment, kindness, logic; mine is the twisting tangles of expression, the bridges across the endless deeps. words move through me against my will, drive me and draw me. words live and breathe within me. words are the communion on my tongue, my taste of divinity. words are the seat of my soul. words never fail me; they simply make me stretch, they cut contact when i am too bound to this dusty earth.
misstree they come, sometimes,
bowing and scraping, eyes averted
though i am set in marble,
and cannot hurt them.
they offer me the finest and
fattest of their calves.
they do not understand that
it is not their flesh i want,
it is the heat it contains,
it is the taste of salt and iron.
burnt offerings are bitter irony
to a statue's soul.
Timoleone My mother told me some beautiful things once. She said that everywhere is a place of worship. I thought that was beautiful. I know this is true because sometimes I can feel the vibrations of the most mundane places, like this building I currently occupy, it vibrates holy nobility. You have to pay close attention but there is something in this block of concrete that is worthy of respecting and worthy of my abnozious thought of god or life. This is something that I believe in. This is something that I think is true. 040223
the message Against the darkness
Glowing purple then green
The voices of the band
And vibration of guitar strings
Enter the corridors
Of my soul
I sing but my voice
Disappears among the many
I feel His embrace
As I stretch my arms to Heaven
Setting my eyes above
My fingers creating a space
For God's light to come forth
He is magnified
what's it to you?
who go