jennifer darkness effectuates life
whereas light kills it
elimeny you know
he pulls away.
and i extended myself the complete length i have been allowed.
and i Swear my arms are opened wide.
And yet..
he's so cold.
but i made him warm for a week.
he resided within me
within these buff arms
within my embrace
and now he has melted through them.
leaving me burned, and cold
and i look up at him with tears
and lie and say im having problems with my contacts.
because im too proud.
and he says "are you gonna be alright?"
ill be fine.
because im strong.
and im determined.
so there.
marjorie make them part of something more inclusive. whole. take in from the outside. 991219
like rain. i can't tell anymore; realizing that i am so faceless is petrifying. i don't want to discover that i was an accessory to you, that you didn't really glimpse inside of me...

now, more than ever, i need you to tell me that it will be alright, though it's the last thing that i can say.

reassurances to calm this anger...
enriquecito What I want from her, with her, when I see her again. Let us run together and forget our separateness, when we meet again. If only that moment could come soon enough, would I gladly scream with joy skyward. But, alas, I wait in darkened silence for the day my beloved is once again within the reach of breath. 010521
constella walking down the old cobblestone road
your eyes met mine
dancing in the crowd of others
our hands touched

our innocence was so true
our minds so pure

at the movies in the torn seats
we kissed
on the worn couch all alone
we lusted

we werent thinking purity
our thoughts were wrong

never slowed down and talked
we went into your room
still hear the click of the door
we turned off the lights

we were no longer thinking
our bodies took over

layed me down on the bed
-I love you-
caressed me with your love
lost each other

we didnt care
our souls joined

arms around me
your embrace
i fall asleep
lost in love

we never listened
our love unbashed

running from me
no longer one
left me all alone
scared and hurt

we were never in love
our love was an empty lust

longing for you
i isolate myself
wanting only once more
to feel your loving embrace
Joe_Burden Something I need right now 011206
gatorbabe i miss you 020430
blown cherry "Please don't kiss me so sweet,
It makes me crave a thousand kisses to follow
And please don't touch me like that,
Makes every other embrace seem pale and shallow
And please don't some so close
It just makes me want to make you near me always"

- Jewel
shiva i want to be held like i'm wanted.

not like a mother comforting a child.
Daria feels so good
or something quite the opposite
kerry a very good band. embrace was said to be one of the first bands to be considered "emo" because of their angular guitars and the emotional lyrics. i think they sound more hardcore than emo... but oh well. they're still great. 020502
silentbob wow kerry
perhaps i will check them out now that you have mentioned them
kerry you should 020503
Syrope embraces are much better than hugs. i've been getting more hugs than embraces...i need to fix that soon 020622
Plastic Jesus A word to describe so many things,
A use for us all among us rivaling,
We go home at night and embrace the ones,
We love and hold as precious and fun,
We cry when they call us bad names and scream,
Yet we do it right back thinking they know we don't mean,
Yet each time it happens something small falls apart,
Each time that embrace is broken it begins to start,
Slowly it fades and we hide it deep within,
We live on life pushing upon a false grin,
We think it will be ok just to let it work out tomorrow,
We think that false time is all we needed to borrow,
Why does it seem so eager to pull us in,
Each time it happens tears roll down your chin,
We struggle to push ourselves to keep it surreal,
Yet we know we are pushing something that isn't real,
That embrace we once had seemed so strong,
Over time it fell apart it really didnt take that long,
We tell ourselves no its just the hate telling you,
But we let the other half begin to consume,
That same feeling of despiration and belief,
But we only end up pushing ourselves with endless grief,
We think we know what we're doing this time,
We can fix it together I'm yours and your mine,
Wait what is that your doing over again,
We repeat the same actions of hate and sin,
We think it will be ok just live and forget,
It tortures us so deeply that it seems now to show,
When you walk among people that you know,
Our false grin has everything and nothing to show,.
summerblizzard they said, "go around and hug everyone in the circle". but, i'm sorry, you gave us all perfunctory clutches, saying, "sure i care...but really, i want to go out there and be loved." congratulations - you were. 030322
Bloody Trail I had a dream I held the one who kept me warm at night but I felt another behind me, her arms around me, and realized the one I thought I held was nowhere...was a blanket...was elsewhere with someone else...and I felt the cold embrace of love's corpse instead. 030804
my little secret i tried to hold you in. to keep you here when you wanted to get away. I wanted to make you remember... 030805
QuietChaos A warm embrace,
That heats the heart;
But be careful of
The fires you start.
baby food no, clouds are there because i was sad, you are right. 070613
LoverOfLight I'm sick to my stomach these days
My body wants to turn against me
And nothing will do but an embrace that no longer exists
what's it to you?
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