miniver I just remembered last night's dream (so, I dream, after all) about some imaginary guys in an imaginary tire shop -- something to do with my recent need to replace my spare tire, I guess. Really weird. I started out going through the stages of replacing my tire, driving to a tire shop (I was worried that I wouldn't find one open at that time in the evening), talking to the man at the front desk, etc. And then, I remember, I ended up discussing and agreeing with one of the 'tire guys' about how humanity -- or maybe just society, I don't quite recall -- should be destroyed. Then, one of the guys ended up in a circus
or rodeo, directing five really unreal-looking, oddly colored horses around a ring for a rather massive audience...maybe in a football-type stadium. I was there because the first guy (from the front desk) sent me to ask this other (circus-directing) tire guy when my tire would be ready. At some point, I ended up talking to my mom, who didn't trust the tire guys to have the tire done at the time they said (which was 3:00 PM the next day), and I argued with her, sticking up for them. That's all.
random_thought can i get that grin on wry? 020614
Strideo my freind recieves a cataloge

it doesn't make any sense. . .

why would they send him a cataloge for women's wigs?

i try to hide it, but i grin like a chesshire cat
pipedream i grin like a cheshire too...people say i've got a nice smile. *me tries one out* 030314
sylphide The cheap thrills of your taste, of your bitter kisses on my numbed lips. I’m feeling like I’ve suffered a stroke and I’m not far from complete decession. I was brought back to the moment you pulled away, the moment you turned your cheek and dampened my burning desire for that one contact, the contact that validates my movements. The movements I felt so sure. But when I least expect it, you move to me again. Craving the unattainable is what we’re all about. Superceding the inevitable demise of ourselves. Of our conscience.
And now I’m confused. I walked away with the cheeky grin I haven’t granted myself for weeks. Months.
But it feels like a gain. This pain feels like gain.
I could only have dreamed for that moment, and entirely not expecting it, I received it in return without asking.

But how are you? How do you feel? How dies this impact on your soul. When I am the one you say you could love? When I am the one you say you could submit your innermost everything to. And yet claim it so simply as not being so.
You feel more than you emit. But you emit more than you feel.
I read your sorrow, and I read your need to cover this up. Close the pack, put it on the shelf, and maybe smoking the last cigarette can be put off until you clear your head. But the smoke is your final resolve. Your final way to justify the movements, you so callously think we don’t understand. Be more cautious with your heart, fall in love ..

The sweet caress of twilight, there’s magic everywhere,
And with all this romantic atmosphere, disaster’s in the air.
endless desire i wrap my rough hand around your smoothe chin. in your lips i see the perfect mixture of desire, the ingrediants for lust. i want to taste your every dream and bathe in your brilliant glow. i lean in for the much anticipated kiss, but you push away and grin.

you dirty tease.
you always knew your smile drove me to insanity.
endless desire umm i went to my name to search for an old blathe and this was here. err i don't know who wrote this but can you not use my name? this keeps happening and i don't like it. 031129
down.. i grin right after a long sweet kiss from someone... i just sit back, stare into their eyes and grin, how can you be sooo happy after just one little kiss... ahhh... i love j a s o n! 040201
deb I think I may be
trying to figure out
how anyone can see
as you seem to~
I am far from perfect,
and I'm sure time will
reveal all that...
It is probably damn close
to the way you wonder
how I see you the way
that I do...

In any case, I will take it:
the good conversation,
the amazing connection
we seem to share,
the smiles, the tears,
the outright terror...

I don't know what
it all means either,
I just know I have to find out~

I have yet to regret
following my heart thus~
She never leads me wrong.
Something ending eventually
doesn't mean it was the
wrong choice to make,
once upon a time...

without my last
"wrong choice"
I would not be
standing here,
after all.
Not here, and
certainly not
with this massive grin
I can't seem to
wipe off...
(as though I've tried...)
what's it to you?
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