daxle whatever has happened was inevitable
we make choices
they are based on so many things
but things that exist
so nothing else could have been decided except what was
the future is already determined
why can't you understand that this doesn't mean we don't make choices?
I couldn't explain it to you the right way
I couldn't be you
badboyxoxo death...
Everything dies
Johnny Sunshine Nothing's inevitable. How d'you know you're going to die? Because everyone else tells you will? Because society dictates when it's time to go? Because everyone else does? Pah. I'm invincible and I make my own choices. I'm free...!And a nutcase but that's another story... 991216
Quintessensual Really? Hmmm. Guess i'd say they are inevitable when unresolved issues make them that way. But, i'd always want to communicate about the question. 991221
bee things that i accept...reluctantly 000108
koti the wounds i have from rusted dreams that i accept only because i have to... 000108
ted it is all inevitable.just think, in about 70 years you'll be 6 feet under ground 000529
MollyGoLightly Something strange is going to happen to me this summer. 000530
tourist What's the matter Ted, you don't express any faith in science and human ingenuity. I wouldn't be surprised my self to see the Human lifespan extended by a hundred years or more.with the Genome project. Not to mention the possible migration of our consiousness
into a machine form to expand into space or other hostile enviroments.
Of course I've been told I've read too much science fiction.
camille commercials 001106
allaboutme Someday, someone will know me from the inside out. It is inevitable. I will finally succumb to the langour of love and allow some fine man to know all of my secrets and desires. 001223
stupidpunkgirl it was only a matter of time
and it didn't even take that long
you left me
and you hurt me
and i knew that that would happen
and i would let it happen all over again
....just to see you again
Aimee For some reason, it had to happen. I had to find out if there was still something there. Maybe if I could remember why I left him in the first place I wouldn't have said anything. Thank god he spent the next month reminding me. I'm glad he said no, cause now I have Jon. 010310
mcdougall pain,
pain is inevitable for me.
its an ever present beast that haunts me where ever i go. there seems to be nothing i can do about it.
Mandy Andrew, you need some lovin' 030629
K ♥ that i should find myself safe_and_sound back in the junk box i was dug up from, collecting dust anew 030630
endless desire have i seen you before? 030630
TearsofBlood Inevitable is the pain and suffering one will endure during your life. Like the pain from love. The pain from your friends ... even when their hurting you isn't what they meant to do. The suffering of goin to that same place that torments ur soul and very existence. Inevitable is the down fall of humans. Because of their hate and destruction. Inevitable is my want for death... 031126
Death of a Rose is sticking around, hoping for someone to drag me from this morass of darkness and self deceit. 031126
Fierce Who I am, who I was.
I saw me for the first time.
Maybe someday it will be the last.
Nascentes morimur...
Nascentes morimur...
We are born
but only born to die.
32 flavours it's inevitable.
what is?
you'll see. everything.
love & hate my favourite word that explains everything and all i have lost. All that has been taken away from me to push me down into the ground, face in the dirt while she walks all over me. 040904
Tristesa The pain lies in the fact that your lost inside the reality of wanting to cause pain to the love that desire and will never have.Everything comes back to you. 050120
\m/ dont you ever fucking use this word on me again

its not fucking inevitable
that's just an excuse so that your sexuality isn't compromised

dont fucking say this to me
i mean it
you fucking kill me when you say this.

just an excuse so it can happen
just an excuse so you don't have to take responsibility - it's inevitable, it's fated

i hated you when you said that.
i really did.
you have no right, don't assume shit like that
play with my fucking feelings like that

it's not inevitable it's a fucking decision.
you really hurt me saying that.
FA113N Sometimes, we feel so inevitable.

The way we are together; the way we talk to each other, the way we connect, the way we share a wavelength, the way we share poetry...

The way we feel; the busy hands, the lingering touches, the outlets, the longing looks.

Sometimes it feels so fucking ridiculously inevitable that one day she will kiss me (it has to be her, of course, we have rules), inevitable that one day I will drop to my knees and worship her beauty the way I have desperately wanted to for what feels like centuries, inevitable that we will wake in Egyptian cotton sheets, inevitable that this is the start of something beautiful.

Sometimes it seems inevitable that this will end with tears, with me broken hearted and her apologising and walking away.

Sometimes it seems inevitable that I will be the eternal best friend.

I'm not sure which scares me most...
nr no matter how many times you hear that you're a catch/good person/other nice things that you're lucky to hear from other good people, you will still wonder what's wrong with you when certain people you care about a lot don't seem to care much about you. 160210
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