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splinken i've started playing with found poetry. you get something that's already written--like stereo instructions or a refrigerator note--and you chop it up and rearrange it.

today i've been making silly poems out of emails.

bra ha.

Brad Sounds like the verbal version of musique concréte. 001009
nocturnal I am a project bitch. I am also an uptown nigga 4 life. 010503
Black Hunter For many many years I’ve tried to run but I can’t hide no more
My mind is eagerly anticipating for some murder ho
Shank got the mother fucking shank is what I’m all about
Diary of a madman so hear me as I take them out
Fuck got the mother fucking pot as I be smoking for
Knowing no so madness so look the killer in his eye
Take me out my misery I’m dropping deeper to me knees
Death me day is come keep my finger on the limb and squeeze
V-i-o-l-e-n-t m-a-d-m-a-n bitch
S-t-i-c-k and Ima reaching for no panic switch
Life is kinda hard to swallow so I eat it bit by bit
Most don’t know what they fucking wit they fucking wit a lunatic
Deep in side my mind I light a candle life is meditating
Never ever gang related still I say pre meditated
Mentally disturbed my mind don’t think I think I wanna die
I can’t live my life and pay no lie my shit up in the light
Got me living so I guess I got nowhere to turn
Bitches on these nuts because they want the fucking ensiern
Tell me give it up that my life is a fucking waste
What them bitches don’t know is that the mission is a lonely place
Visions in my head gotta hunt them all across the nation
Deep up in a straight jacket suffering from the medication
Most in my mind trying to find me a piece of mind
I want my fucking momma still I got my fucking 9
Basically hit got me mixed up in the fuck shit
How black a devil keep me labeled as a lunatic
How will I live I don’t know that’s a tough decision
Lock me in institution and send my black ass to prison
This is my life nigga but don’t put no blues on it
Like the money in my pocket bitch I’m losin’ in
three words project parallel_worlds
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