Tiffa Submission is free
It's just what we need
When I talk you better listen to me

Everyone has a submissive nature, it just usually makes you wait to show itself.
lycanthrope who's gonna tap first? who's gonna prove that they just died, and go on anyways? who's gonna bear the shame of life's inevitable fickle heart beat?

Your arm seems weak, from this point on. If it bends further it will break, but if you admit that it is me alone who can, i'll let go, admit me, admit me in and i'll let go, if i'm inside you i can feel your surrender, i can familiarize myself with it, so that i know what my strength means when you are weak.

Give me a long enough lever and i could lift the world. How distant i'd have to be to have that much leverage, how far, your eyes would only be the blue of the earth spinning, a dot, you'd be somewhere amidst the cloud patterns that are in space a swirling, that are from the ground a dinosaur with an extinct smile. To never be forced to tap i would have to be so distant. I would have to mute your eyes to a pixel of a blue pearl in a black oyster.

I own the ocean when it is a reflection of the sun, when it is a dancing in the distance, but when it is cold, and when it is deep, what can i do but surrender, what can i do but become it, and move through it as if we belonged to each other.
What choice do i have but to become another person's history? geology?

I cannot help it if another sees god living through me. I am bound, i am bound to my form, i am bound to the words they read from me.

I am their theology. I submit myself for approval. I submit myself to a thousand eyes who will inevitably misunderstand my victories as surrenders and my surrenders as brash and arrogant.

The bruise is purpled swollen, it is raw like the sand where a crab has buried all but its trembling claws. My sweat burns it. I fought for so long because i did not know the submission was coming, i could not know. Or else i would've had control.

If i want to move into your deserted wasteland, if i want to see flowers grow like stories on a battlefield, i have to rebuild now. You have surrendered. And your submission became my legacy, my inability to falter.

And your arm seems better, one hundred percent ready to be broken again, and your brief reign has ended.
mon if_you_can
get passed me
i'll let you in
cranky blather spell check past. PAST. PAST goddammit. Read a book once in a while. 030918
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jane masochism 030918
crimson I am not domineering.
I am not submissive.
Will said, "You are NOT submissive." every time I pinned or bit him. I can be on top, yeah. I can also handle a guy completely in control.
lizzy powerless..
and it feels so right...
Piso Mojado tie me down 040531
HellBentWolf there is no end to this madness

in lunacy i find my rest

so be it
Violet Strangt i miss it. i miss loving it.
sick idiots trying to impress betty page ruined it for me.
violet strangt wow, i wrote this so long ago... 060726
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