amy before: i thought a lot about lines in the sand, whether i should be drawing them, since i thought they might exist anyway, when you said that real life is not like an internet connection. and i thought about a tender spot left over (or not) from childhood and whether that could be touched. but then when i thought about areas on the beach mapped out by lines in the sand, i was not fond of such a structured environment, since it was not clear anyway what was mine and what was yours and i did not want negotiations. additionally, what would be the purpose of lines in the sand when the point was running out into the crashing waves of the ocean? line break. after: i guess there was a line, wasn't there? given a structured environment, i guess i draw a line. having drawn that line, i proceeded to get down on my hands and knees in the sand to look at it, actually to look through it, to look at you. then, do you know what happened? you reached across it, and i was not concerned anymore about a line, but only about me touching you. 991225
kinimex can you see a worm coming out of the sand holding an umbrella? hell yes, me too 010327
how easy is for you to escape
from my hands
running like sand between my fingers
to melt in the sea
ever dumbening horizontal liquid glass, knifing through my skin at 50mph
the man patiently watches, awaiting the flames
the temple_of_the_mind emerges from the playa when the dust settles
nemo if you had sex on the beach, you would get awefully covered in sand... dont ya think? 011215
paste! there is sand in my soup. gratefully, we have paint just for this. 011216
Zed A perfect moment,
Timeless and beautiful.
We sat on the beach, and we looked out onto the sea at night,
The sun set tinting the sky an alien pink, the reflections on the sea looked like fire burning it's way up to the heavens.
It was beautiful,
but not as beautiful as her;
not the sea, the sky, or the sun.
I kissed her with my eyes closed,
she asked why,
I said I wanted to make sure I didn't forget a single moment that I'd spent with her.
She smiled and hugged me,
on that sand.
birdmad staumbling backwards into it, laughing betwen the shadows and lamplight 021112
self-correcting anti-typo bird stumbling, stumbling.

goddamn i can't spell today
and again between, even 021112
Laura Midnight.
waves crashing in the awkward silence,
I was puzzled.
Mulling over a dare to tear the fabric from my soft,
white skin,
the skin of my belly stretched tight with purple lines from too high of a BMI.
Expose yourself,
just to say you did,
if you will I will,
just to prove that you take risks and are not afraid of other peoples ideals of what how your skin should fit your bones,
just take off your clothes and run into the waves,
waves crashing in the silence of an undiscovered paradise,
even if it's only in our minds,
even if no one ever knows the risk you took with me.
Risk with me and I will hold your hand to keep you from falling.
Falling into a memory that will never let you rest,
falling into a nightmare that I know the sagging of your breast.

There I was,
given the request to share what I always hide.
My body,
my soul,
my cowardice.
Afraid to put my body on display,
disgusted by the antithesis of every magazine I read,
of every film I see.

I'll go first.

I watched his hands lift his shirt over his tousled hair blowing in the wind that smelled of the sea.
The moon cast a glow on his pale unmarred flesh and as I saw the beauty of perfection in his skin,
fixed on the inviting lines of artful seams,
I realized the repelling vulgarity of my own form.
Sinking into the soft sand,
my feet barely held me up as I made up my mind to keep my imperfections mine. Sickened by my own thoughts,
sickened by the opinions packed into my head by the media and critics who think thin is in.
I owe my body the pride I will not show it.
Supporting me through childhood accidents and teenage lusts for adventure.
Never being appreciated for keeping my soul from flying into a million pieces.
So what if my breasts sag
and my stomach isn't something that goes well with a two piece.
My body is mine,
and deserves the respect and adoration I was too blind to realize I deserved.

It's your last chance,
when these pants come off I am going to jump into that ocean and throw out my fears,
and I will not hold your hand to keep you from falling.

I let go of my fears,
and pulled off my clothes,
and ran naked into the most blue ocean I can remember.
And as I felt the sand rub my skin raw,
I felt clean.
And beautiful.
And perfect.
scuzz The Laura I once knew is not so brave
as to say
The one I held as if I could help for
she'd already let go
The sand only ever got in my way
refusing to withdraw
so I say to you know please, let me
azazel a memory that seems further away than just its distance on a map 030402
splinken and when there was no crawdad, we ate sand.

[you ate sand?]

we ate sand.
j i l l i a n anything for you
turn my castles blue
turn my bones to sand
just to see you

being naked in the ocean is amazing in so many ways
Sand_Castle soft and solid, there and gone, rough and viscous. 060502
Sand_Castle So I have to build and I have all this sand. I build a small castle with turrents and a moat. But then I look around at miles of beach and desert. Have I wasted sand? Does all sand desire to be built into dwellings for imginary royalty? 060502
twisted_existence once, a lifetime ago, he said "i love you" and carved the letters N M W in the sand...

i found out later that it meant "No Matter What"...

that was two and a half years ago...

and i havent spokent to him in almost that long...
gja Sand in the Vaseline 070727
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