doggy Okay, there's not to much I like about Brown. The knowledge that George Harrison's son is out there smoking pot and writing essays on Nin's mood swings. The sight of the obelisk with the words 'love is strong as death' carved in it. Both these things are reassuring. If I was raised right (in a dumpster, Chicago) there exists a trinity among all superficial things. I wait for the third. 000311
camille somewhere there's a tree
that hold's a heart
carved within it's folds
C.S.+ D.L.
Such a lie for it to still hold
maybe someone will cut it's heart out one heal it
fizzlestein carve me up
before you go, girl
chiidi the strange texture of the red sandstone

spires and holes and recesses blasted into the eerie narrrow walls of the canyon
silentbob her thighs don't know what it feels like to be able to say, "I've never felt harm." 010214
unhinged he carved a hole that
everything falls down
tonight i dream of distant times
before everything i said and thought
sucked the happiness out of
everyone around me
"i've been waiting three years to write this letter"
wake up
wake up please
tomorrow IS worth living
"joyous be the light of the world."
lovers lament i sit down almost everyday and plan it. down to the exact detail. how, especially, how. i plan out the details for afterwards, i plan the letter. i write the letter. the letter always ends up in the trash can, so i carve. 010219
calypso calling we are sculptures in a museum,
molded and carved,
to fit into the society
in which we were born...
we are the sculptors in our museum,
molding and carving,
to fit ourselves in the society
in which we are torn...
i think i'll push mine off the pedestal
and shatter it's carved being.
erin. to carve is to change 060104
amy purplely apostrophe To green pine translucent jade. Figure for every day and every dog day of 2018. A ream. A peel. An all season film. A mariachi band. A book, written carved from memory, dog days. Written in the dreams above. Surreal fur, venus in pains. Never forgets... transforming... wishful and useless again prettier than here... to jade. I wouldna never been near. You wouldna never na invited me. Doesn’t matter. Maybe it already happened before again and again, over and over. I tried a little, but it won’t matter. Never to jade. Doesn’t match this color paper. Bullshit paper that they got, could be purple, could be jade. But it ain’t. Nah, the GOP will never be your friend sorry. Don’t hurt yourself trying to please them. 171216
unhinged scar_garden


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