SuicidalAngel Discusting and Useless
This sickness follows me around
Untouched and Unoticed
My emotional roller coaster, broken down

I hate buying happiness
That only lasts a short while
And am I really happy?
My mood's so versitile

Beneath this fucked up smile
And under this mask I hide
The screams echo infinate
Then crash and collide
Mahayana: Zakah: Mahayana: Zakah: 011228
blown cherry So fucking useless is what I am,
how I continue to be.
If I could think of something to do,
something to achive that I thought was worth doing, maybe I would do it.
But stuck in this rut is where I sit.

I'd like to leave the world with something, but I'm not good enough for that.
I'm not evil enough either.

I wake in the darkness and sleep in the light,
so I have an excuse to achieve nothing,
responsibility is only possible during the daylight hours.

Even when I am happy,
I find myself reasons to cry,
dredge up some obscure reason to bring pain upon myself and tear myself to shreds.

This is one of those moments where I hate myself.
Those smiles that have been with me all night have faded and twisted themselves into ugly shapes upon my face.

Even my sore throat has returned, just when I thought it had gone at last.

Cold blue light enshrouding me.
Cold empty blue light.

So very fucking useless.
I'm really of no use to me, and I don't see how I can be of use to anyone else.
There's nothing here worth having.

Fuck. How did I work myself into this mood?
Useless fucking soul.
Should have thrown it out with my old bed,
my old life.
silentbob i hate feeling useless 030210
Aelwryn Dammit, everything is useless. No matter what you do people don't tend to care. Plus, you're going to die one day anyway. Everyone will. So what's the point to doing anything? What's the point to getting good grades if it won't affect really what you do later in life? What's the point of falling in love if the other person either won't return the feeling, or leaves? It's all useless 030228
. What's the use of you having a baby? That's what we're all wondering. 030228
aware of my own uselessness what's the use for fucks who won't take credit for their insults 030228
pipedream what i am right now because today is a wilted lettuce day 030411
niska Go on
make me feel it's useless
when in fact it's you that
needs to have me near...

so now
keep me at safe distance
and with a little persistence
i'll make it crystal clear...

Ready For you, by Hoobastank

i just heard this for the first time recently. it made me laugh. funny, it should have been 'our song'.

i'm sorry. i will never 'think it's time'...
Syrope all the bitter, twisted, angry lyrics and bits of thought i collected are useless now. i go to update my profile and i scroll through the stuff i've been saving, and none of it says what i want to say anymore.

i'm listening to the new love songs on the radio with a perked_ear though

and mushy_away messages

what is this world coming to?
ferret don't kill yourself. there ARE people out there who care. 030616
god instead of killing yourself, go rent a jane fonda movie 030616
salty craker you say im useless but you seem to have mistaken me for your reflection.for i have A's and i have B's and you can Barely see a C. i know useless is a strong term but if it fits then that is what's applied. but just remember you can reverse an application so try to be useful. 050121
sandra your disgusting and useless and ugly all i want to do is fuck you up, you who are useless to even satan himself, and thats really ironic coming from one who knows the real meaning of uselsss. Useless=godless. 050323
mikejohnson is it possible that god may have created some people to be offended by being told they are godless? if so, is it walking in jesus' footsteps if we offend or hurt others, who might have the power to walk in his footsteps?

is there a natural inclination of man to want to feel like he created himself, since he physically did not? that is, does man seek to feel as though he created the universe and therefore himself? is it possible? are there infinite possibilities? we'd like to think so cuz the universe possessed the seemingly illogical probabilital properties to create itself in the first place. but we only perceives that.
is the biggest fucking plagiariser.
what's it to you?
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