Tristan is that another demon that I see? He grants me wishes he
grants me power he
give me all I desire and all I dream but
it's not real it's not reality it's not what I desire and what I dream because what I desire and dream about is real
it needs to be real... like that_california_boy is to my sister and like the scent of lilacs in bloom is to your nose... like the wind gust that brushes your hair to the side with it delicate fingers
what is it that I seek?
I seek the dreaming - I seek the reality that is a dream and the dream that is a reality... where the borders are no longer defined by things like physics and chemistry but where the world defined simply by the will of the spirit. That is the dreaming that is what I seek and within this prision I will find it - for that is what I seek.
Faerie*of*Undines The nuclear like rays came screaming
through the window,
the soothing darkness, devouring all that was good.
The nuclear rays continued to unleash
it's fury upon the room,
upon the lump,
cringing as the rays pain went searing
through it's body.
It rolled over with an anguisshed moan
What is It's story?
Drugs... no to simple,
Alcohol... no to impure,
these are only skin deep,
Could it be waking from a nightmare, from life?
It rises stumbling, tripping it's way into
It falls and crashes among broken mirrors
It picks up a peice
stares... stares... stares.
In It's soulful eyes
It sees...
We... see
Who is it?
Who are we?... What are we?
Frightened it lunges arms flailing,
running... running... running,
Where does it run... WHere do we run?
So alike are we,
The mirror revealed we are one... the same.
gnos yidari the real trial
begins after you find
what you have been seeking
and have to change...everything
gnos yidari the real trial
begins after you find
what you have been seeking
and have to change...everything
myriadmoods1023 FRankie, I seek to dream of you; I seek to see you in person, I want to HUG you, a "Bear Hug" as we have said? PLease seek to save me Frankie, when yu die and leave this world, that is all I want from you, seek my soul, heart and soul. Promises you want to make to me; but you think I am scared, I am not I want to SEEK you in Heaven my beautiful , loving, messed up firend and love. Come and seek me after your death; I will be waiting, and a simle prayer will let me know you have only wanted to SEEK my love in return. 050409
frankie leave me alone, you smell like hot dogs. 050409
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