Quintessensual If you hug me tight,
I'll hug you tighter.

nameless I could use one right now 000205
marjorie Best materials for hugging:
1. leather jackets
2. Sweaters
3. Sweatshirts
4. Army jackets
fullofmagic I need hugs more that I need anything on earth. My boyfriend gives great hugs but I always have to ask for one. Sometimes I just want a hug that does not have to lead to having sex. Sometimes I just want to hug and kiss all night.
Everything is okay when someone has their arms around you, it's like hiding under the duvet from monsters when you are a kid.
Hugs from my mum are different again and sometimes I want to cry when someone hugs me.
cazzi i need one 001228
twiggie i remember getting hugs from adam would light up my whole night.

he never saw this because he's a stupid skater boy with little emotion.

damnit adam. damnit tropical punch boy who couple skated with me every friday at roller haven. boy who i wasted so much time with. even a month before i had to leave i still thought we'd be together. what did i see in you?
stupidpunkgirl after we talked we walked downstairs.
meghan told you to hug me.
it was forced of you.
i thought you'd hug and pull away as fast as you could.
since we're not together anymore...
and since you were mad.
but you didn't.
i pulled away and you held on.
you fucking held on to me.
why did you do that to me?
i want to hate you.
and now i just want to hug you again.
unhinged none of that sissy patting on the back
i like to hear bones cracking

i don't get hugged very often.

i think hugging holds all the good stuff inside of you.
Rhin I really need a hug right of those bodies-melting-into-one hugs! I just really need to feel that simple, emotional know that someone (or anyone) cares about me. 010104
er always feels good especially if they smeel good 010118
mmm i can't wait for one from her 010415
Qryssi *gives you a hug* 010911
monadh my memories spill out on a page of words
i could live forever in that hug
iheartyou i like hugs
i like fleecy hugs- just ask Chester
i like warm hugs
i like long hugs
i like short hugs

all the world
should be wrapped up
in something warm
and lasting
never to fall
or let go
always the strength of skin
and cotton
against your bare arms
unarmed against anything
vulnerable yet unafraid
shedding weapons and defenses
for touch
and embraces
assurances in contact
that gentle brush of a face
against a face
as bodies rush in
and lose borders.

Matt For me hugs are few and far in between, but I will always remember the hugs I got from my two best friends. It was as if in those moments I could feel more from them than words could explain. More than kissing, more than sex. Just their arms around my body and my arms around their body, it felt great. In fact, I can say those moments were the only times in which I felt infinite in a "Charlie-esque" way... 021010
me I love hugs
It's my daily addiction
silent storm Her arms embracing me
Encircling my body

Hold me.
Let me feel your warmth with mine.
screwing for virginity i had more hugs tonight than i have had in a really long time.

i liked the last one the best
death by ink i wanted a hug for so long. i thought that it would feel so good just to be held. i kept imagining how i would feel at that exact moment.

when it finally came it was better than i could have ever dreamed.

and that much desired hug was better than anything i have ever felt before
Eowithien Something that I long for and hope to get from the right person that I can just sink into and be hugged and be a hugger and then be a hug. 030228
... two_words 030228
Clarey I lay there in his arms, I think he was sleeping, & I felt his arm around me, & I knew it was special.

It wasn't a hug fraught with tension of what was to come, not a hug intertwined with distrust. It was just me & him. Nothing else.

Why did I ruin it by stroking his hair & waking him up, why did I not lay there soaking it up?

I know he loves me by the way he holds me, I know I love him by the way I hold him... like I never want to let go xx
screwing fro vrginity ever see a person you dont know having a bad day and just hug them?

no, i havent either, but i wish i could
misstree actually, i have.

it was at a swordfighting event, he looked really depressed so i went up to him and told him he looked like he needed a hug. he looked at me weird, but said, yeah, he did. i give good hugs. everyone should hug a tree. he did, and he felt better.
celestias shadow something i want so badly right now i could just cry. i miss all the beautiful people. 031012
pipedream *hugs celestias good 'n proper*

i did that, hugging a stranger once..i went to the loo and there was a girl inside, crying her eyes out next to the counter (which had a MASSIVE pile of pink, soggy tissues on it). she looked so sad and miserable and red and was hiccuping and crying and crying so i asked her if she needed a hug so she kind of nodded and hiccuped again so i gave her one. she was very stiff and kind of pulled back after a second, but after i hugged her she gave me a small, watery smile and said 'thank you' in a small, watery voice. i smiled at her, told her i hoped everything would be okay and left. she left about five minutes after i did (i was hanging outside the bathroom with a few friends), so i guess she was feeling better after all. i hope she's all right, wherever she is right now.
celestias shadow thank you

hugging that girl was a wonderful thing to do, by the way. you'll be getting karma points for years for that one.
pipedream you're very welcome

really? i could use some good karma; somehow i never feel the effects of any karma and i think i generally generate good karma..i'm not mean unless provoked and things like that. i smile at people. im deliberately nice to nerds. dunno why, maybe i get good karma in ways i can't see directly.
her royal highness the quirk i have a picture of kevvy and i in high school. he's hugging me, but it's a different kind of hug. it's the hug you get from someone who cares about you and wants to protect you. he has his arms completely wrapped around me. i remember when it was taken. i was so squished against him that i thought i would have a kevvy-shaped imprint on my body when he let go.
he and i go to the same college now and it's nice having him around. he's definitely one of my best friends and i wouldn't trade him in for anything.
aww i wuv u kevvy. i miss your hugs. you should give me imprint hugs every once in a while :-)
pipedream i crave them all the time...crave being given one without me having to ask...i am happiest in the circle of arms i love, in the comfy snugness of a lap. must've been a cat in a past like :) 040222
noynat i desperately need a hug from you buddy. you are older and so kind and warm and youthful. like she just said, i want it without asking.

i want you to hug me and tell me you love me. then i want to stay hugging for a while.
"you are the greatest influence on my life"

and i love you.
Corey Five dollars back to me and you say your leaving. Five dollars back to me but you have the tumor. Five dollars back to me you may be dying? Five dollars i'll never forget. I look at it now almost crying. Five dollars and the smokestack roars. Five dollars like kids do for chores. Five dollars and your beautiful face. Five dollars and your gone without a trace. 040412
flexible heh heh i got anthony to hug me! it took huuuge amounts of punch and lots of preceding hugs with you, matt and rosie, but i did it!

pmsl, the look on his face as his instincts fought past the alcohol and he realised.

i could laugh about that night all day.
belly fire Lenny wrapped his arms around me. A warm, endless hug. He ignored that social release trigger and kept right on holding me. I gave up and I cried. I wept for my father and Lenny understood, without asking, not to let go.
Now that was a hug.
no reason i thought i cared, then i didn't think i cared, then you were the only one who didn't hug me. then i wasn't sure. 050819
sisyphus she wanted a hug so we'd look like lovers, that way her ex would be jealous of our graceful young bodies and toofast dance moves

i liked giving her those hugs - the heat of dancing tempered by the ice of her over_the_shoulder looks

polar explorers don't know cold just like side sitters don't know hot
flowerbed on a cloud *hugs* ^^ I love to hug =) 060118
flowerbed on a cloud *hugs* ^^ I love to hug =) 060118
Maple Tree i wish he hugged me, for once. i guess it's impossible 060219
blue_J i have never had a hug where I felt safe and content. i would really like one but i am so tired of looking. 070613
flasch A hug is a drug. 070724
Isaou Few and far between, it's all been said.
November 2nd will be the day of my first true hug
But I need it now..
Isaou Two long months ago I wrote that...
We've broken up since then.
And now we're not officially together, but at least we're talking.
At least we act like we did before, even if we aren't 'official'.
Yes, it's probably stupid of me to give you everything, say that you're allowed to do whatever you like with other girls, give you something with no strings attached.
But I guess i'm always stupid when it comes to you?
Anyway, what I'm really trying to say is that I'm glad Nov. 2nd is finally here, and we're still close enough to have that hug, that first real hug.
My love,
Thank you
Isaou 3 months ago* =D 071101
Isaou Wehuggedwehuggedwehuggedwehuggedwehugged......! 071102
Dragonflye Sometimes when I'm lonely
(or just emotionally bored),
I go to YouTube and re-watch my favorite hug scenes from movies and TV shows.
I think the scene from Good Will Hunting is my favorite.
no reason is all i want right now. actually i guess i want more than that; i want a comforting hug. but there's no one here. 120716
no reason this page is a bit like a hug, though, so thanks to the above. 120716
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