typhoid "Many years ago in a period commonly know as Next Friday Afternoon, there lived a King who was very Gloomy on Tuesday mornings because he was so Sad thinking about how Unhappy he had been on Monday and how completely Mournful he would be on Wednesday ..." 000105
Scorched GanderSnout monday

fyn gula it's friday, i'm in love. 000131
miniver Can't quite tell about you.
I'm just going to crawl around in your pockets, here, for a little while longer.
moonshine With my big black boots and a suitcase.I do believe I'll find myself a new place.. 000629
Brad puff puff give 000629
grendel hell, fyn beat me to it.
it was inevitable, i suppose.

i don't care if monday's blue.
Chrity go to:
like rain. residual taste of french toast sticks in my mouth and the knowledge that at some point during this summer afternoon, i will see her walking towards me and will run into her arms.

suddenly, being trapped in this computer lab on another school morning doesn't make me feel lost. it makes me feel alive, anticipating the unknown.
TalviFatin Friday. Usually a day of mischief and longing. I work it mostly, but this Friday I'm off. Oh glorious day. 010724
nemo this guy wants to take me to a rave on a date... im not sure. i am always talking to a million different guys at raves, all friends but if i have a date it makes then nervous. i dont know if i can do that friday. but then theres one saturday too, maybe saturday will be alright. spree will be spinning. 010724
general direction Thank

and not monday.
only pure void

and tv

ClairE "it's _________, i'm in love" 011203
Annie111 Friday is full of sparks and air
Even when it rains I feel alive
The night lasts as long as your arm extended
To the one person you want

Like an ending being born

girl_jane Tomorrow is Friday, and I'm looking forward to it. 020321
blown cherry ..tuesday's grey and wednesday too,
thursday I don't care about you its...
eklektic Friday - May 10th 2002: Prom Night.
i really hope all those who went had a great time, even those who didn't really want to be there. and i hope everyone felt like they looked great - in their tuxes and their dresses. i hope that everyones food was great and that the music they listened to on the way there and on the way back was perfect. and i hope that friends laughed and no one cried and no one thought about finals or where they would go to college. or that their friends would be leaving soon. i hope that all the pictures turned out perfect, that no one had red eyes and that everyone was the correct height for their photos. i hope that at the end of the night, when everyone is at home and out of their clothes, that they have the memories they made tonight. because for some, this is the last time. thanks for asking her - that was very kind of you. i respect you a lot for that.
macabre Friday night Friday night I'm makin' Sharise 021128
niska the best day. fun, but tiring, as saturday you can sleep in and party all night.
sunady is for relaxing off the hangover
but friday, friday, i get DEEE-RUNK! that just starts the weekkend off on a good note!
nomatter A lot of times I do things on an impulse. I make no sense anytime of the day. I seem to always want what I can't have. Sometimes I have dreams and then they literally come true. I consider myself a night owl. My handwriting can be real nice when I want it to be. Everyone tells me I am weird. I need to go to a public high school. Things that other people consider funny, I don't. I wish I were alive to see elvis. I hate hiccuping. Peoples stupidity amazes me. I feel sorry for those who live in northern california. I wish I could have my pick of men. I get a headache everytime it rains, but it's worth it. I like to spy on my neighbors. The news is depressing. It's always about death. I don't think I believe in God. I love to sleep, maybe that's my problem. I wish live was fair. Is it just me or am I repetative? I am too paranoid. I make a big deal out of petty things. I am not afraid of death. I enjoy being different from the people around me. I plan on getting sweet sweet revenge on those of you who have done me wrong. When I grow up [if it ever happens] I want to be a person of authority. I will outlaw cheesy newscasters. I weigh too much for me height. I wish I were creative. I don't really like to drive, but I feel like it's part of being sixteen. I wish my mind would repress my bad memories. I fel itchy. Simpsons reruns never get old. I have four clocks in my small little bedroom. Time is money. I basically wish I could control all the events of the whole world. Then again, that's a lot of responsibility, and we all know I am too lazy for that. I suppose I will just have to settle for being fat. 031125
r1y9a6n4 another one of those, you know, nights when there should just be so much more of a spark. you know that there are certain things out there that you are destined to. you know that there are actions you should probably take. yet you still wonder whether to put your faith in the power of fate. or is it supposed to be controled. it seems all too convenient and boring that all there is is what we make. that is my spirituality. we are meant for a certain outcome. we run the race but the road was paved long before our shoes hit it. it was the race that we had to run. against the only opponents that could have possibly been because that is fate. that is what we hav control over. not to choose the race but to enjoy the story of how we finished. but to simply sit back and admit that we probably have little control would be a copout right. then i would have no responsibilit for anything whatsoever. its a nice idea dont get me wrong. so much more was suppose to happen by now. i know it and can feel it. so much more. is it my fault or is it just not time and when it finally does come it will explode so big that i will have needed all of this preparation to endure it. all of this time spent thinking of what it will be. who will be knocking at my door or where i will go. whats gonna happen...whats gonna happen 031125
strychnine queen on the hill a white tree
red leaves absolute days from
vendredi, of the rubber syrup hand

cup the creases to the
innuendo searchlight cracks laughing, eyes

limbs are smearing
black the emerald hills, (who) lean.
between the splayed venetian razor
glances, milky unsung crying love, love for
an absolute value apart
till charcoaled lids behind

a passing tinted windowpane
a mouth misses a mirror
(an anorexia breathes lipstick chorales)

math forgets
her royal highness the quirk happy birthday

i miss you

but not enough to do anything about it
Incubus Oh I'm so glad it's almost! 050519
. Good_Friday 050519
Lemon_Soda PAYDAY! 050520
no reason i hate fridays now.
i've lost all my energy already,
this time.
gja Friday is so the edge, the brink, the finish and start. 070608
nostro is there a meteorite coming or somik ?

we had better have a world carival then.
lead guitar friday i'm in love, on The Edge of One song. 070608
niska is tomorrow.
i can wear jeans & i don't even have to pay a dollar...
what's it to you?
who go