dallas some things are as good and some things are worse. I like the ones that are better. 980819
Rainer Krauss I think I'd better drink that tea before it's too cold. 990208
Owen Ty Kahle Better be the best you've been when being wasn't so fab, boys. Better not be that which you decided and forswore you'd never become just because you could. 990224
kirstin better than what? 990330
daxle ezra.
but that's not much to shoot for.
I think I'm better than better than ezra.
deb would it have been better,
for me to never have met you?
girl i hope things will b. 000326
omiz you'd better think less often
you'd better smile more often
you'd better sing more often
i'd better go to sleep...
somethings always better. I met this girl once.
She was a bitch.
She destroyed my life that year.
I should've signed the restraint form.
It would've been better.
But it would've been better than better if I hadn't met her.

I knew this guy once.
He took my best friend.
She beleived his lies and forgot me.
He doesn't realize the pain he causes.
For so many.
It would've been better if she didn't leave.
But it would've been better than better if She hadn't met him.
Robin I wish things could be better for you
it must have been hard
living through what you did
I wish it could be better
I'm sorry, I'm sorry
alegra i swear he will get better. i will do what ever has to be done to make this true. every time i hear about what he goes through i want to throw my fists up and punch the wall. no one should EVER have to feel like that.

i would take it on myself, if i could.

he is all i care about.
dan are you better than i? who are you to judge who i am? i am. that is enough for me. i hope is it enough for you as well 010504
lostchild i will get better. i will practice getting better. next time you see me, i will be better. i promise i will be perfect next time. 010627
Casey Everyone says things will get better... 010627
the repeater birdmad

a man crashes his plane into a forest, he awakes to find himself in a pot of water with a thousand people waiting to eat him

he looks to the sky and says "oh god, i'm fucked"

a voice calls down to him and says

"No, you're not...see the man closest to the pot, he's their king, grab that spear and run it right through his heart."

he does as the voice instructs him to do, killing the king.

as the rest of the village descends upon him, the voice calls down again.

"okay, now you're fucked."
god bird beak 030529
the red baron if ur name is bar(r)on,
it better better only have one r
cuz the people with two,
are suckier by far
if u spell it baron,
thats cool with me
if ur used to barron,
ur dumber than a tree
to tell which one u are,
isnt that hard,
cuz if its barron,
u are a RetaRd
Number 1 I'm Better 031122
Photochicken Two has always been better than one
Plain and simple, they are just more fun
So wouldn't it make sense...
If you prefer Baron over Barron must be really dense!
One is just as dumb as a Heron.
And don't you see
You've got to be all you an be
Barron is the only way out if insanity.
So if it is only 1 R that u decide to uncork
You must be the world's largest doRk
So next time you want to choose
Between the Bar(r)ons I must say
It's obvious of whose
Name won't decay!
So get shucked you one r'ed neRd
Your are definately not the one here who is preffered!
beter one Barron is betterr 040229
djm see you and me have a better time than most can dream of its better than the best... 040311
fork the worst part is i cant think of anything that will make me better 040317
lizbet words from the lips of the great Paul Simon

"The thought that life could be better is woven indelibly into our hearts and our brains"

ain't that the freakin truth....
ailbhe I'm pretty sure I'm feeling better, but I can't be sure what I felt before. 040617
Somebodys Soul I've tried.

The chain ends here.
no reason lately the only thing that makes me feel better is to stalk you
i've gottagottagottagotta get over this.
princess cuckoo i like my hip better with the purple flower tattoo 050919
ANSwer833.33 It doesn't have to be this way. You can make it better, and that means YOU. 060502
chan better... late than never
out than in
safe than sorry
Pujols dallas makee booboos better


but i make hon rons
no reason doing things that make me feel more me 070109
Alex I hope I feel better in the morning. Right now isn't too bad, but better would be...better. 080814
aneasyanswer when you look back
on those who you've judged
are you any better?

I've tried to stay positive
I've tried not to deign myself
down to those I used to mock
and scorn
and hate

but based on instinct alone
I've realized I'm worse then they are

how do you better yourself?
how do I better myself?
little idiot i'm much better now. 100408
Qazual better will always exist
but to chase better means
that i might miss
exactly where I need to be
which is somewhere in between
completion and perfection
FA113N She's all better now. I promised to never leave her, and she promised to not commit suicide.

thy ^^^ fuck that shit 121204
dafremen Better(Teardrop_On_The_Sidewalk)
r. dafremen

She was tough all day
but now she's weeping like a willow
You know she tried so hard
But no one ever seems
to want to meet her in the middle
And she knows the way they are
So now she'll bend again
'cause things won't work any other way
Frustrated dreams on a tear-stained pillow

Somehow this day to day became
weeks then months then years
(They all went laughing by)
But yesterday ain't gone
'cause she keeps it near
So somehow by and by
she became numb to the madness
or maybe learned to love the taste
grew jaded..either way

But give her time baby
Cause time'll take these days away
like teardrops
on the sidewalk when it's hot
Time gonna take away her pain
Time sho nuff
gonna make things better
(end chorus)

Cause time'll take these days away
like teardrops
on the sidewalk when it's hot
Time gonna take away the pain
Time sho nuff
gonna make things better
(end chorus)

Plant closed down
now he's working with a shovel
Bows his head and does his part
Got bills to pay
On half the pay and twice the trouble
Enough to break your heart
But he'll bend his back again
'Cause he don't know any better way
Die broken
but with the mortgage paid

Give our people time to change 'cause baby
Time'll take these days away
like teardrops
on the sidewalk when it's hot
Time gonna take away his pain
Time sho nuff
gonna make things better

Time'll take these days away
like teardrops
on the sidewalk when it's hot
Time gonna take away our pain
Time sho nuff
gonna make things
sho nuff gonna make things
Time sho nuff
gonna make things better
(end chorus)
^^^^ Better(Teardrops_on_the_Sidewalk) 130302
unhinged the fantasy land in my head
what's it to you?
who go