reality my cruel, abrupt look at the mirror every morning, wondering if i can ever escape my terrible destiny. 980819
sarah this is my reality
what's yours?
ashley what i sleep to escape from. i wake up screaming in the middle of the night when there is the realization that it's behind be, breathing down my neck, and that it is essentially inescapable. 990205
emily That place I hate to live in. 990305
s bites

heh heh
Ari Raven The arch angel of insanity... Its what drives men mad and causes them to to see true reality 990622
jordan is what I try to escape with drugs but always finds me you can only truly escape it one way and that is by death 990709
Jim I contend with reality
This force of society:
The ending of insanity
lisa reality is relative
we exist in our own
bubbles of reality
truth is relative
my existence is dependent
upon which reality
I actualize
and to exist
is not necessarily to
mathias subjective?

just more post modern bullshit, methinks.

how abou just living, and damn the pragmatist stigmata
who me your reality may say I'm here
but my reality doesn't
I probably won't be here
for at least a few more years
valis "reality is that which, when you ignore it, does not go away."

-p.k. dick
amy i was waiting for you to say that, valis. :) i couldn't quite remember what the quote was, but i knew there was one, and that's the one. 991210
me? so what did good ol p.k. know about reality anyways?
Quintessensual sucks. the only reason we have it is to belittle it, step on it, and change it for everybody's benefit. 991221
aradia reality is the illusion the old have fallen in love with , the middle-aged are dependent upon and the young long to see through .
Reality is only a dream and affects me as far as i let it .
reality is my hell .
mareberry my mind twists in the wind and cries out for answers, but all i find is an illusion staring into my eyes. can you tell me what is real? i can't hear you. i can't see you. i can't make sense of this. i'm falling in this façade, crying out to anyone who will hear. what happened to my reality? what happened to me? truth doesn't exist in this world. 000106
marjorie reality exists to be distorted, contorted, enraged, and changed.
reality has no place here.
we have better things to think of
better things to make
and better things to live to remember
to hell with reality.
beth it depresses me. sometimes i stand there washing the dishes, the disgusting process of mushing up variouse foods up with warm water into a greezing grayish water, and reality is somehow snuffed out. why at this point? a time of reality at its worst. a saturday night spent cleaning. amazingly my mind goes in another direction and begins to listen in as two men discuss strange topics in a bar. they look at my life from there x-ray eyes and change situations that i have ruined and play them over the way they could have been. So many times have i listened and imagined these ideal events only to suddenly realize that i have run out of dishes. 000129
amy another bit r. and that's something you can count on, like time. oh but that brings up another big r, relativity. oh, god. we really don't know what to do with relativity, do we? 000308
girl kicks my ass every day 000326
Free Reality is. 000405
Left The Building. drugs are only good for musicians 000610
Marjorie i was craving it in my dreams
craving the light of being awake
that keeps me safe
from those monsters of dream world
the ones that show ugly teeth
dripping with blood
or the ones masquerading as loves
who want to devour you
piece by piece
i want to be awake
in reality
where when i smile
i feel it
and when i try to fly
i fall
eruth be i refuse to turn my face towards you
i do not trust you
i blather on
will someone please fucking tell me how it is i feel?
i fucking cant even see through my own eyes anymore.
i mean they are mine eyes arent they?
when will i be able to hold you in my arms again?
when will you want to be with me?
or do you already?
i have such a tendency to mess things up.
my love of tragedy.
now i will be honest.
as i remove my face i scream on the inside. so loud my eyebrows ritualisticly raise higher than the heavens above...i imagine my face stretching like the characters in the black hole sun video. busted me. so i beat around the bush in hopes to avoid a confrontation with the reality of me.
fuck the media.
i refuse to allow you to fucking brain wash me you evil little fucks.
kings of manipulation.
no hesitation or reservation to devour the ignorant and naive.
oh you deserve hell for that you clan of darkness.
so i am real angry about a whole bunch of things.
so i am freaking more desparete than ever and lonely as i have ever been.
and what the hell am i supposed to do with this beautiful mess?
anyone have any fucking suggestions?
who am i talking to anyway?
i'm going to smoke a cigarette.
skiblu I didn't have a choice in the matter 000725
chelsea Faceless,nameless,lonely and
desolate,memories of random faces lingered like the
images of a forgotten god.Mechanical crowds traveled
aimlessly through the streets,and any benign soul
could have been mistaken as a prophet on the
streets.Children are born from crimson brick and cold
clay.On these streets children are molded from the
fevered strength of a loaded gun possessed by the
pride of a man-made deity.From shallowness and
manufactured dreams of comic books and barbiedolls
born from the insatiable vision of a capitalistic
paradise.From the tainted lust of a prostitute`s red
dress and the remains of feminine beauty sold out and
degraded for the power of the almighty dollar.Reality
is a shattered mirror which children stare into
struggling to find features of their own identity only
to see the image of a stonewall sturdy and unbroken by
their iron fistof American individualisim.Children are
not blank slates waiting to be written on by societal
quills,Inked with the blood,sweat,and tears of
cultural constraint.Children are not blank slates,nor
are they the production of the latest pop culture
craze.But it doesn`t matter what they think because
thoughts are no more than wordly representations of
the network of interacting neurological impulses and
natural chemicals that create our mind and the spirit
of freedom lies battered and broken while companies
manufacture happiness in cheap little pills that
societies swallow.Children are not blank slates,just
the offspring of psychosomatic millenial hysteria.Just
sightseers staring out their apartment windows onto
this opium poppy Garden of Eden wanting,waiting to see
Jesus standing at the street corner.
Seth. Changeable, shapeable, bendable, elastic. Reality is like a small puddle of water. You can cause small ripples, or large waves, or you can create a big splash. It's your choice. Do with it what you will. 000911
d .... is relative. 000911
stan there was once a blather on this page
after Chelsea's but it has been removed
by some quiddler. It said "and of
course, he's late."... i believe i
signed it it on a
diskette but not sure which one..doesn't
matter much to me.
ABW so america.
i am supposed to be everything you just mentioned.
with a hotel head full of radio
and bookshelves for brains
i run away.
from committment. from anything.
run away.
but of course i will not be open in my music.
you really do not think i would let you know what it felt lie to be me.
so you say it's all washed away.

not so esy to let go.
everything i've known.
everything i dreamed to be. no of it. reality.
freud it's all in your head 001025
kx21 Something more than your head/ mind?

Your reality is somebody's illusion.

Your illusion is somebody's reality and is part of your reality.

Reality is relative, subject to change, evolving (e.g. Virtual Reality) , ..., seemed near yet so far!!!
Wayne Reality is a dream when you're asleep, an illusion when you're awake.

I would like to say at this time that if we observe our feelings and thoughts we'll experience reality here and now. But the minute we start planning, um, desiring, avoiding, hating, craving, we come out of reality and fall into an eternal dream. Therefore, consequently, who knows?

- Pedro Nietzsche Mora.
kreeyis i know who knows what reality is...
i have had extensive mind conversations with the little latex gray alien who stands, posed, in a very gay dance step... anyways, HE knows reality, he told me about this BBQ he was at in the confederate part of the gulah quadrant,
this transvestite-looking yoda guy with a NRA hat showed up and started drinkin all the booze and hittin on the ladies...there were all these secret service- like dudes with 3d glasses on, presumably protecting the swingin visitor.... the latex alien said that when he was playing poker with one of the "guards," the dude informed him that the person he served was Reality...
Truth, that scoundrel, had died and not left the guard with any $$ (the guard's former master)

**the guard also told the alien that he didn't believe Truth was really dead, he believed that Truth was hiding out with Elvis somewhere**
Jack Nothing is real. Reality is an illusion. All is nothing. 001125
*CatMeow* continues to ruin my life... 001207
philip k. dick (1928-82) that which when one stops thinking of it, does not go away. 010102
Quiggz I doubt it exists. At least, in the sense we think of it.
"Reality is the boundaries man sets for himself"
-M. Mosher

"Reality, as a way of life, is highly over-rated"
-Some guy who's name escapes me at the moment
kx21 ups and downs
twists & turns
fig doritosnlemonade 010218
unique butterfly wow.
where'd it go.
johnny west For those who wish to remain happy throughout life, reality is best avoided. 010309
monadh there is no
it takes no course
runs freely
from moment to moment
life turns
takes precious
gifts of hope
and with an angel's song
devours your heart
enlivens the subtle moods
of tide and time
mikey is a ride on a bus 010310
lydia im just working on understanding this reality " then maybe ill let go and bend and drip and well, trip a little 010312
mikey i took a bus once from nashville TN up to kokomo IN then all the way back home to CA. let me tell ya you really get to know all kinds of people when you do something like that 010312
unhinged if there is anything that doesn't exist it's 'reality.' the ultimate truth of existence he says. every reality is based on some number of fabrications that we have. we can't read minds. we will never know the ultimate truth in every respect. 010323
tit isnt real,it is all about perception. therefore i am what i think i am to me alone. i am but i mere idea. what is your perception of me?

you too are but a mere idea, unfortunatly i like the idea of you more. i have created a you that is so wonderful. too bad you dont have the same ideas. together we could be something, or rather dream something.
kx21 Reality is the superposition of
the_Gene_of_Nothing and
Pink Paint 69er without fairytales reality doesn't exist! remember.
when you stop dreaming you die.
live a dream ..........
your reality should also be your dream,
you can live your dream if you work for it . but to be handed it on a plate you could never appreciate it in the same way. eat more caramel. breath some better questions, more passion less action.
Do you want fries with that?
dls reality is found only in my dreams 010414
kx21 It is none other than Q_As... 010415
Casey I always like to escape it

Yet I know

That one day I may have to face it.
PCD if as dls says, reality is found only in his dreams, then the reality must be a handsome, talented, creative young man, happy and vital, vibrant and charming, clever and careful, cautious but willing, honestly coasting through life, never taking advantage of anyone, never leaving broken hearts behind, never having a regret, never penitent.
That is a dream.
aeiou mine is not yours is not his 010425
dls no.

that is not my dream.
Alexander Beetle kick yourself in the teeth
reality did it!
oh what fun we shall have you and i
kx21 It's here & there all the times... 010502
snow_angel is what escapes me every day and makes me feel so damn high 010503
NOLA in reality this is an illusion
for sure
happy now?
mmm reality is what u want it to be 010527
! your words 010527
nemo i sometimes wake up from lala land, and take a look around and see reality... and wonder if its all a dream cuz its fucked the hell up haha... 010607
Twisted reality is too stable......
what I mean is uuuuuuummmm
that the future is unsure therefore a ummmmm an illusion as such....
is the past realitiy is th present just fucking me around?
OA I stumbled upon the philosopher's stone... i had the veil of illusion pulled out... and was confronted... by the many levels of energy and many realms of consciousness which were available to man..I opened the pandora's box... of multiple realities 010621
me doesn't exist 010623
BrittStar i'm living in reality
but what really is reality?
i am normal
i live a normal life
but why does this world seem so fake?
so distant?
so superficial?
i guess i'm not living in reality
how could i be so blind?
how come i never saw this before?
why did it have to end this way?
kx21 The_Memory_of_The_Universe... 010907
In a world only as chaotic as you and I make it
I find myself to be breathlessly drowning in a reality of madness and hate
Mixed emotions of everyone and everything have lead me to understand one principle
if you are to survive this true test of humanity we call home
Then trust in yourself is all you need
For the next person will only do the same
before they are consumed by their differences and stab you in the back
for the mere pleasure of taking that one extra step over you
Crooked doctors, crooked officials, crooked fathers, crooked mothers
in a world where anything is possible and not everything is insured
Chaos feeds on the true reality of what it is to be human
The Sin,
Which is followed by the Secret,
which inevitably turns into Paranoia,
Which is of course fixed with a series of sins usually worse than the first one,
Is this what it is to be alive?
Is this what it is to be Human?
Only human we keep on telling our selves,
most advance species on this planet......
can't see past color, can't look past our own shadows....
HUMANITY, in its true grace.
Toxic_Kisses The problem with reality is the lack of background music 011013
reitoei one slender thread between me and real. fraying away, sliding across the edges of my mind. sometimes all i can say is it isn't real, it isn't real. I don't like the real. go away go away. leave to dream in peace 011020
Norm ignorance_is_bliss 011020
futility beautiful, transcendent, harsh, indescribable, painful, honest...
The reason that I immerse myself in daydreams, and the reason I look up at the morning sky and smile.
Now is all there is, we can accept it and embrace it, or hunt for the moments of perfection that may exist in some far-off future.
kx21 New Matter(s) = Action(s) / reaction(s) other Matter(s)... 011205
kx21 Cow_mu... 011205
reitoei is it real? does it matter? 011227
shhiva is the ideia that have about reality real??
or is it just an illusion?
Fire&Roses most of our reality we make ourselves the rest of it is thrust upon us... none of it is good. 011230
phil takes a long time to imagine 020111
Mahayana reality
ality & ality again
real-i-Thank You

reality was a real fuck-up
so they had to ality
and ality again and again
till they got it just right

[reality is just ur illusion]
[[wanna sawp sometime]]
calypso calling True sadness comes from the realization that your dreams won't come true... 020111
TK Lacking spell checker What I'm perpetualy running from
I hide in the shadows every now and than to ceatch my breath but it's ever so closely niping @ my heals
kx21 The ripples of Soul(s), Sense(s), sensor(s) / string(s)... 020115
rockstar is cruel,
but for some reason, it's bearable when your with me
kx21 The shadoow(s) of Matters... 020127
kx21 The shadow(s) of Matters... 020127
optic discretion Reality is that which we try so hard to escape, enchanted by our dreams, but realizing each time that reality is impossible to escape. 020128
kx21 Reality - Illusion = ? 020128
... wake up! WAKE UP. stop stalling, its all real. what are you waiting for? what are you scared of? 020206
squillo more_rabbit
amada to put it bluntly... reality is...

if i were a lost boy, i sure wouldn't be flying
Adyana There's no such thing. What one person construes as reality can be total fiction to another. Reality is for the fools and crazies of the world, not I. Not us... 020526
one sensed a make believe fortress for those who rely on it being so, a hard coping problem for those who think of it as make believe, especially if in their own heads their belief of its illusion is truly justified, does justification come above personal preferance? not in their eyes. 020529
blake aaaaaaaaah 020529
oon i'll ask mornckton 020529
PEACELOVESHEEP bites. 020627
zulu I wish reality wasn't 020628
J im almost positive th@ the drug you and i have been lookin for doesnt even exist out there on those pArAdOx pLainZ. i think we've had it here within us all along. that infinite, unavoidable, inevitable binge. the sweetest and most intense of all AdDiCtiOnZ. the one you will never kick...cuz you know better than th@. 020912
phil fuck you
it's just a name
let me try again
to go insane
lost without memory
kx21 M_Bubble or M_species of past & present... 020913

someones been stealing your stuff!
Rickster Reality is a nice place to visit but I wouldn't wanna live there.

Friend told me that a while back, I agree. Fuck reality.
tricky i've noticed that people don't like to see reality. they only like to see the way things should be. this is where things go downhill. it is a dangerous thing to ignore how things really work and then to say what it should be, instead of acknowledging what is truly there.

and everyone does it.
but this is not to say that it's bad to describe how things should be. that's how we improve our world.
wow i'm very contradictory tonight.
does anyone understand me?
Rickster Tricky my friend, I do not think reality is something you cannot see. I believe it is something we choose not to see, I think most are scared of what reality is. When you embrace reality does it embrace you back? When you apply reality to your life, does it apply itself to you back? With existence being the one thing we have in common, how can we not see that reality could just be a definition thats meant for fairy tales. Nothing is real, or as it seems, everything has a dark-side eager to be keen. There is a constant pull of darkness and light, within ourselves, its a constant fight. Reality I believe can be said differently, because we each crave to create our own, better place then what was offered to us. If this is the case, then how can reality exist when we are the ones that make it for ourselves? 021226
*silent screams I despise reality. Itz always waiting in the dark shadows of your thoughts... always waiting to jump outta no where and say HA!...

to my reality...
the one place....
...where reality doesn't exist
phil what ARE you doing here? 030204
voyager filling up my travel bag for when i escape velocity not just eternity but infinity 030204
Sarta your chaotic misrepresentations forged a perfect reality setting us up to fall... 030524
starboy i resond in a way that i think pleases me to something i cannot be sure exists. what do you do? 030723
ashmanzhou *reality feels to me
dream or take away
*like a dead thing
from what i see
*a carcase of a greater whole
i need not to be in pity
*which doth elude me
as it pains thee to read
*in the recoil of my self and soul
my creed the simple need to be
*i feel complete i am sated
alone and in my self society
*nothing detract from my own
which is the last insanity in me
*i doth not know it now for thou hast

torn free of all bounds to finally breathe
kd the totality of arse 030729
nihility ...Mooncalf in a moribund state, reality can not last... 030730
that>one>there there in no reality, only of that
that is perceived
xXShadow_GoddessXx Reality...the truth locked inside the dark... 030810
TK stoeing away on the train hopeing to ceatch a ride to an alternate reality, don't care witch one really, maybe this one will be better, who knows I might even see you there. 030915
metamantrg why is this
train so hard to get into or not noto
I hear one know should I get on
I think Ill stay right here for
my gram needs me
will be there tonight and maybe for longer
why is it ever once in a while I think to come here your here
Toxic_Kisses Reality is always here, I suppose it's up to us on how to handle it 030915
Ni that which i cannot accept
or rather that which my mind will not let me accept until i become strong enough to force it to
BiZzY A place I'd like to visit sometime... 030926
Markafterdark sometimes its not my friend...sometimes it just has to set in...sometimes its sucks pretty bad...sometimes I wake up and im living it... 030928
pobodys nerfect thinking about my current reality cannot give me the same stress/boredom/
"calgon-(PLEASE!!)take-me-far-far-away- from-my-current-life" no worries relief that the world of daydreaming can. Which is probably why I choose to think less and less about the present, choosing instead to imagine how it COULD be. My alternate reality...
xyz it's a brilliant thing. 031228
kegger realilty what is it? Is it where your mind stays or your body plays. HHMMM 040112
zeke Reality Sandwiches 040112
pansy no more shadows
no more imagination
only pure reality
brutal truth
it’s much more safer more lively
see: consensual_reality 040127
pd the reason why all the fairytales in your head will stay there, exactly like that- shadows from our personal Platonic worlds. 040127
pansy since true does not have to be likely to happen and easy to understand everything seems to be logical, seems to be true, seems to be human. what to do with shadows then - make them real, or just leave them alone and ignore? 040131
xhopeisnowherex check 040208
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl i look into the mirror and see my body
it feels sometimes that im not in it
i can see my eyes
but they arent mine;
i am just trapped inside
a body i dont know
i dont know if im even meant to be in this body
i look out at the world
through windows
i scream and pound at the walls that keep me hidden
my soul -
locked inside a cage of flesh
trying to escape
to show the world who i am;
but i cant escape.

another day goes by,
i am defeated
shut away
where no one will ever know me
jenny enny dots i escape from it always
i do not like it there at all
it must be a paradise
that i can't find
because i'm lost
i do believe
i'll run into it someday
but how will I know
that i'm staring
at reality in the flesh
Prajnagupta OM Vajrasattva Hum 040224
Expand I laugh because i found you today, the real you. I cry because your not what I saw before. You were what I wanted to see, and today... today reality. I still want to smile at you and have you there smiling back, but please never touch my soul again, and I will forever be... 040225
.fallen an illusion.... a powerful ..... visceral ... throbbing .....tangible ..... illusion .... and our realities are not the same ... kaleidoscope 040226
ethereal i laugh because you were my reality.

now i see.

you were just a dream.
Unbridled Into this expanse we fall,
fleetingly yet unwillingly,
always expecting more.
Gekiganer 3 many times ppl say reality sux, and true reality as a whole is one giant oxymoron it still exists no matter wut u say or do,
and i will say wut i belive and i dont know if any one will read this but i think reality is simple to cage and bind, for reality is how u make it! the future is a blank ticket and u can make it how ever u wish it to b!
if u have done bad to any one or any thing u can still change,
nothing is forever for the past no longer exist and the *common qoute* future is now!
bind reality and make it how u want it to b!
i hope i have spread hope and love in this world with this blather!
emily is a perception.
there is no such thing as reality
seeing as your reality
and my reality
are two totally and irrecrobly differnt things.
the reality you knwo and live in cannot possibly be teh same as mine.
what you know and what you see is a realoty only to you, not to anyone else, my realoty my view on life is not like any others.

realioty is a deception.
but is it used to control our views on life
or is it used to make us realise our boundries and extend them
love & hate Reality does not exist. It never has and never will. It is just something people made up so they have something to believe in, so they can make sense of their ordinary boring existance. Reality is just a word, a simple word like god. Reality cannot be lost for it was never there in the first place. It is non-existant and is just something made up in your head that you choose to believe. When something happens, your head determines whether it is reality or not. Reality is a very unsafe place as it does not exist and those who believe it does, are already dead. The walking dead amoung us who do not realise their own reality does not exist. 040429
ethereal You could never know what my reality truly is, so stop trying to guess. 040429
minnesota_chris reality doesn't exist until you have bills that you can't pay. Then, reality comes and slaps you in the face. 040429
dosquatch Amen.

is looking for a job.
fortune_cookie Reality is just a crutch for people who can't handle science fiction. 040429
xxshadow_goddessxx The reality;
look into the reflection
to another day
don't allow yourself to fear
because reality is here to stay
The reality;
just another fabric to existance,
just another lonely world,
everything that spins inside is
just another spiral in a swirl,
all things are illusion,
reality is never real...
some need to pull away
to feel the fabric of existance fray
The reality;
is just another dream,
just another darkened beam,
false images that have come and gone,
just another lonely dawn...

...a false reality it is...
pete pass the parcel over here
we sing our lives
we sing our cares away
the day is new,
so end it please
the night will come
and we will wash away
away again into the silent tears
of our lonely dreams,
that reality
that strives to be
that new horse riding
into the fading seas
the band starts to play,
the day gives itself away
and we run through the grass
as it soaks our pants
in the late night
(so late that its early)
we smile and spin,
climbing up again to that highest note
that our lonely dreams
will soon return us to this reality
we seek to see
BLK jesus BLACKS AND JEWS.......the only races in heaven. 040630
Joy Either everything is real, or nothing is, or something can be both real and unreal at the same time.
We live (REALLY) in a mix of reality, unreality, surreality, hiperreality, hiporeality, virtual reality, retroreality, and more.
self Reality is what we exist in the current now, ever creating our own creative realities. Why would I want someone else’s realities, when truly altruistically I create my own pleasure and learning realities to expand self. 041023
andru235 a concrete monstrosity of nonsense
for those whose truths are abstract

those who think they know "true reality"
are the most deluded of all
jumpforjade real or not, everything exists, because all things have to exist to not exist. for example, unicorns live in the minds of hoards of young girls around the world, not to mention in tv shows, books, artwork, etc, but we all know they dont fly around in reality. thus, only because our knowledge of what a unicorn is exists in our minds, we know that they do not exist. if a unicorn truly did not exist, then it could not not exist, because it never existed in the first place. 050818
jay jay you look so good in blue...then i turn the page 050916
stork daddy is reality and human intelligibility coextensive? 050917
*Amy* too cruel sometimes, withering.. 050918
anonimo Reality is a figment of everyone's imagination collectively and also of its own imagination 060421
hsg reality is what we believe with all our heart. 071022
... Speak not of it! 071022
Syrope i feel like you just skim by on the surface of reality - so that no one thinks you're completely insane, but yet you don't have to deal with anything real. anything too real, i guess. the way you just STATE things that are obviously way oversimplified and idealistic...sometimes it's endearing, but today it was just getting to me. maybe because i'd been drinking, but i just am so tired of you getting to decide when the rules of logic apply and when they don't. i see your insecurities - and i don't mean this in a mean way, because the only way i can spot them is because i have been there, so many times - and it pisses me off that you can't see them yourself. and that you surround yourself with people who will play to your sick idea of yourself. i guess because i was so painfully aware of mine, i want you to be aware of yours. so in the midst of being disgusted, i'm ashamed of how selfish it all seems. should i let you be "happy"? even if "happy" means you believe these lies until you can't any more, and then you just insist that the lies were different lies to begin with, to accomodate the NEW "happy"? 080226
jazna If only I could pick up the unfinished stories reality gives me and write my own ending, one that satisfies my wishes. But then it wouldn't be reality. Reality needs to screw you over. 080518
Passer by noticed that Today, a young man on acid, realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. 090519
unhinged is different for everyone

what i choose to acknowledge and perceive is so different from anyone else in my life no matter how close i might think we are.

the way we alter reality; the choices we make. letting_go of unhealthy intersections, overlap.

probably needs to be sleeping_alone for awhile
unhinged my interpertation of us
probably came across as harsh to you

but all our months of dancing around
and never quite getting to it
wore down my patience enough
for me to be direct

we didnt hold similar enough meanings of the words
we were both too afraid to be honest

to this day
i have no idea what you were afraid of
Rhohypnol tearing apart your body like you tore apart my soul, this oily copper coat protects me from cold reality. revenge is not always sweet. 131214
Phil Everything is round and spinning. 240313
dafremen Yep. 240314
leahcar Hit me like a speeding truck. 240328
what's it to you?
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