me? Something smiling sweetly
Something tall and thin
Something deep within my heart
Reminded me of him

He was not my lover
He was not my friend
He was just a nice old man
Who played the violin
valis you should try to have a few really terrific things, but not so much you don't notice the nice things. 991209
frippy What you say when all your other adjectives would prove insulting. 000424
MollyCule is that what you want on your epitaph - "here lies (you), she was really nice"? Fuck nice. be strong 000509
MollyGoLightly Have no comment on nice...I would just like to say that I really like MollyCule's name because that is what my wonderful fifth grade teacher used to call me. 000509
Brad I like nice because it rhymes with mice... funny how they rhyme and have such similar connotations when perceived in the elementary, storybook way. 000509
birdmad a rodent picketing in protest of a cat in an old cartoon from long ago, his sign:


speaking of nice mice:
( i think so brain, but it's your turn to wear the tutu)
miniver I feel bad for nice, now.
Poor word.

Strong people all the time.
Strong people everywhere
like...aluminum, maybe.
And crowds, and blind belief,
and pointless business.
I want to crawl around in the grass
with a rare nice, weak person
and caterpillars.
daxle she said that having people call you nice is the worst insult
that's what everyone called her
some say she was void of personality
I know she was the slave of her mother
and I wonder how she's doing now
I bet she likes the snow there
but what about her dog?
does she still think about me?
does she know the answers to the questions we must ask ourselves to get any answers (we've got to start saving our souls)
does she remember when I used to be her favorite person?
does she remember when she used to not really like me but wasn't sure why?
the notes, the video, the 38 hours?
carole very nice work/concept 010426
ladybird One day she just burst into tears about it. I was shocked. I was this selfish teenage girl with a boyfriend and a figure...I didn't realise she knew how people saw her. I thought, because she wasn't slim and she wasn't pretty, that she mustn't have the same dreams as us, that she mustn't want a nice boy to whisk her away, that she didn't know what people really meant when they said she was 'nice'. But she knew alright. 010517
TaskOrg The nice man was calling from a distance. Is there anyone out there, or am I totally alone? In despair the man found a mountain. He yelled to the mountain, "you are not alone!".The echo was the only voice to be heard ....... 011124
ClairE Joanna.

I like nice_guys.
They don't always finish last.
I'm a one_woman_crusade to remedy that.
Anyone care to join me?
me LoL. Make that a two-woman-crusade. I'm definitely in. 011229
(nice) cube Me too :-)
broken cherry Trying to do nice things for me when I don't deserve them,
or at least feel as though I don't.

blown cherry I remember you telling me how I was a really NICE girl,
more than once.

I hated it.
For one,
I don't think I'm all that 'nice'
for two,
the word 'nice' was always perched on the edge of that great cliff known as
sal im a nice girl, your a nice guy. so lets get together and make some nice love 021221
Borealis I gave myself to him for two years

and after it was all over and done with..
"she's a nice girl"

nice my ass
luminesence I hate "nice" useless frickin word.... 040503
ethereal I am called nice all the time. Daily. 040503
hsg are you nice? 041006
andru235 it's nice to finally have an entry under this word, isn't it? no? 050512
andru235 what?!? there were no links to 'nice' on the other pages i looked at! 050512
f hello nice 050513
Q Well, yes, that would be nice.

Both dancers would like that.
marjorie is a bad word.
don't use it.
not even if something is really nice.
. yes 061123
f there we go !

:-( meeeerrrr... 070314
:-( meeeerrrr... 070314
hsg what i often exclaim after something witnessed beautiful & wonderful 080216
Soma The scent of fresh cut grass.
The sigh of my cat curling up on my lap.
The warmth of blankets against the cold.
what's it to you?
who go