michael something intended to make someone less secure in themself. 980922
sarah jane I wish I could build a wall in defense without shutting out what might be good 981014
e is an insult still an insult if the insultee isn't insulted?

what i mean is, what makes a comment an insult - the intent or the ..uhh... way it was taken?
old hick There's the old story about the master swordsman who is challenged by a young and undefeated adversary. The young man's strategy is always the same. He waits for his opponent to make the first move, recognizes his point of weakness and then makes a killing attack. The duel between the two begins and the old man stands in a ready position, perfectly still. The young guy starts screaming all kinds of obscenities at the old man, spitting on him, throwing dust on him. Anything to provoke him into attack. Finally the young guy is tired out from his yelling and leaves in disgrace. The old man calmly walks away and his students ask him how he could remain so still in the face of all those insults. The old guy responded with a question. "If a man brings you a gift, and you do not accept it, to whom does it belong?" 000124
fucked once too often Not that,
it's much worse than that.
Already stuck in a miserable rut,
clutching at staws to get out,
procrastination being the only real barrier,
though even that is wearing thin.
Then to be told by the person who knows me best that I'll never get any better, that I'll be stuck here forever
and always fail at any attempt to break out
To be told I'll become someone who I look down apon
that that is my fate
and that you have no faith in me whatsoever
perhaps it's not so much that yo uthink I'll fail as that you think I'll never try
no strength
no determination

why bother then
or are you just using me again?


I deserve better than this
p2 yo mama! 021104
IKC 56-80 most powerful when added to injury which is something i'm glad i haven't had to learn firsthand 021105
*silent screams An insult hits me harder than a million compliments ever could. 021206
target kind words are insults
when the dirty table shows
their $1.50 tip
god i need to put some insult-ation in the attic 030609
chiefnewo insult: stupid customers thinking they are smarter than me
solution: shotgun
news headline: "crazed petrol station attendant kills 5"
court defense: justifiable homicide
verdict: case dismissed. those people deserved it.
Keegan my friend was insulting me today and i still can't believe that i left awe in her voice when I said I didn't need her insults. 031126
freakshow a vent for all the frustrations in the rat race into which we have all been so mercilessly thrown 050704
such ambitions. is your boring armor. 050708
misstree sycophantic fuckpuppet.
Doar double yay! 050721
klinger M*A*S*H if my dog had a face like yours, i'd shave its butt and teach it to walk backwards 071011
phil Your brain. 071202
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