phil the other half of evil 030623
spacemanor1 where is court on tv? on school on guns on drugs on search its every where nomitations are a do and paid for in advance elecet them because there the men in the where you see open your eyes where you can see look around feel the light its coming in hard all over entrapping me im so close its tight like im wrapped up and not afraid in a cradle or blanket feeling warmth joy happiness its all thear death death no light black absent empty cold forced breath invisble blank stares into the whole its my soul 040713
f is alone 070507
ANGRY justice...

just get everyone to tell the truth.. its much better !
trust a lawyer - thats the biggest joke of all !

don't get aggressive about your mistakes... we all make them... next time think before you do something.

if you threaten me you see, - i become a mirror and you see yourself... your ugly aggressive lieing self... it's ok - i was doing you a favour... look at yourself before you blame others... before you look like you want to kill me.

me ain't afraid of your fucking gun ! shoot me...
your are shooting yourself you see !

physical pain ain't nothing. ... i flinch at your own struggle... i can't help you ... only you can help yourself.
what's it to you?
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