Bill To be non-partisan and fully truthful about it (see women):

There are men and men and some hold you
While some leave you counting the stars in the night.
amy i don't think i have much to say about men, as such, either.

as a generalization, maybe let's say they can be squirrely?

or maybe... pointed and manly.
deb have
as a
Amber Are you sure you need to have them or is it just an illusion made by this world that says I need a man to be complete? Only if you look inside yourself will you find that you don't need a man to be complete you need a man to help you to find that complete person you already are. 000321
MollyGoLightly I like them when their hair sticks up. 000324
flyingreddeath We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Headpieces filled with straw! Alas!
When we whisper
Together, our dry voices
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind through dry grass
Or rat's feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar.
emily ...i'm always looking for men, yet all i find are little boys... 000608
i there are no men and women...
only little girls and boys
who think they are all grown up
but no matter how old they get
they never, ever are
jeffrey I saw a falling star when I was two
and it was only in the sky for a second
until I realized that I was only two and did not know what the hell I was doing up so late
when I was four I kept my window open at night and saw a woman getting raped in the street to the side of my house
I Hid below the bed like the time
the german shepard attacked me in front of my house and the porch was the only place to run
like the time when I was six at school hiding in the giant tires that soil your clothes and smell like the garbage on the highway
hiding there from the teacher and the class because
I had to take a dump in my pants besuase they would not let me go
the time in junior high when I was in the fight with my best friend because I fouled him in the one on one game
after school my father picked us both up
or maybe like the time
the first time I realized I would like to marry my girlfriend
if she will stay with me long enough for me to get some money
cause I am not afraid of my fear that I will not be good enough or make enough
losing more pride
is worthless now
like the time
no more
I am through having times without her
now the time is a time for men
and men do men things
uhuh uhu h
but men lose their pride first
men go through the shame first
what will I say if she asks me
if I was apart of the oppression of women
apart of the rasist and the fascist regimes
yes I will say for a time
I WILL say without pride cause men we are prideless
we know what we did all those years
those years we have been in control
we are the history of the world
we are thepolitics of teh world we are the money right men
no I will give it up and spit on it in shame now
because men make mistakes
men are wrong
and I wnat alicia
and I want what is pure back into men
with her i start over i become
Seth So what you're saying Jeffrey, is that you'd chop your dick off for a woman? Kind of defeats the purpose of procreation, don't you think. And for those of you women who say that you don't need men, look to the last sentence. And if you say "Who needs procreation?" then ask yourself how you got here. And if you say, "I didn't ask to be born." then put a gun to your head, and pull the trigger, and stop giving us grief for your miserable existence.

That being said, there aren't too many real men out there. I try to be one, but I always find myself playing games, once again. If I had a choice, though, I wouldn't.

"Do you truly love me?" She asks.
Of course I do, if I didn't, I wouldn't be with you.
"Would you break up with me if the perfect woman came along?"
Are you saying that you're not perfect? If you are, I'm out the door right now. Sorry girl, but if you don't think that you're good enough for me, then who am I to argue.

And there's a hundred more where that came from. And every single "woman" I've ever been with have played the same games. What it means to be a man... Continuing frustration, do to women. Or, atleast, ninety-nine percent of the women out there. The only problem is, by the time I realise what I've gotten myself into, it's too late. The real sick thing about it is, I'm a simple person to please. As a matter of fact, the only thing I do ask for is a couple moments of time. No obligations to do anything, no mind games, just a piece of time where we can do whatever. Just a sense of togetherness, with a female twist. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't have to do, I just have to be. Thats what it means to be a man, to me atleast.

The journey continues.
psycho insomniac Same with women, they are all different. Some lie, some cheat, some play mind games, and some hurt people just because they have the power. But there are exceptional ones. The one’s who rebel against society and try they’re hardest to become the perfect son's, brothers, husbands, or fathers. They go to work every day to put food on the table and a roof over their families heads. They are humans and they make mistakes, just like everybody else. They feel pain; they have emotions, and deserve a better reputation. I wish people would realize that we need men to survive in this word, just as they need women. We are equal. So men, stop blaming yourselves for that girlfriend that cheated on you, and all of life’s little imperfections and move on. If you have a problem, don’t hide it behind a shameful mask. Women don’t have to do it... so why the fuck should you? 000908
Seth Us men think that we need to put on a show to get laid. The unfortunate thing is, most of the time, we do. 000908
Q We always put on a show. What we do most of the time I'm not sure. 000908
Seth Good point. 000908
marq men are beautiful 001124
EECP I am one, but most of us are pigs and most of us do fucking suck. Men can learn a lot from women. I love women. 001214
dean-bean Sometimes I feel that I stopped growing up at age fourteen and just started to fake it. A little boy lost in a forest without any trees. What? 010128
chanaka all men are boys
if a man speaks alone in a forest, is he still wrong? (usually)
men are funny
men are wonderful
men hurt
which brings us back to...all men are boys
i gotta love em, even though i usually don't want to.

"i thought he was a man but he was just a little boy" fiona apple
ladybird Oh wow I love them, they're complicated and beautiful (like women really but that's a whole other page)
look at the amazing way they're made!
jennifer "men have penises
and penises are icky"
power through passion It seems to me that most men don't really grasp the point of gender identity. Most of us don't really grasp the difference between "human" and "man". Women have women's studies, but there isn't any such thing as men's studies. It's bullshit to say that the latter is not needed because of the dominant patriarchy or something like that. Men have played a stereotyped role in society for as long as women have. It is essential that we explore who we are just as women figure out who they are. Otherwise we may just continue to stumble through untold centuries of habit. That would annoy both men and women, now wouldn't it? 010722
sickgirl they just are useful to fuck with em...and to do the hard work... 010725
Jenna I fill my life with beautiful men who do not think I am beautiful. They tell me I am such a great friend and I am almost "one of the guys".

One finally did tell me I am beautiful. He told me I have a nice voice and interesting things to say and beautiful eyes.

I wish I thought he was beautiful. He is such a great friend.
elonar I totally agree with power through passion. men have been stereotyped just as long as women, it's just that people have generally seen their stereotypical roles as advantageous. this is not true in all cases. 011010
sapphire_ "a man can kill and still be the sweetest thing" 011201
CRO sometimes i wish that was true 020402
KristenKat men are lesbians trapped in a poorly made body. 030524
bully Why are you so afraid of men?
Men are commitment.
Men are marriage and babies.
Men are balls and chains.
But commitment can be good,
and I can be happy
without chains and babies.
glueing quarters to the floor what is a real man? one who sloshes beer down the front of his shirt and watches football? one with rippley muscles and blonde hair? one who pretects his own? one who picks fights and whistles at women on the street? one who listens to his wife? or one who ignores his wife? does a real man respect his buddies or respect you? 040209
kookaburra i'm a girl, but i think that two men fucking is hot.can i be the only one? 040327
kc Men need to be allowed tenderness. 050327
blown cherry Why do they lie?
When there seems to be no bloody reason at all, other than just to lie to me. Just for the sake of lying. Not to hide something, or cover somthing up. Just a lie for the sake of lying itself.

Why do they lie to me?
She Men are ymmmy, and completely insane. They shouldn't be allowed to be involved in politics or education; because of their testosterone-addled brains, they are most fit for hard physical labor and sex. 061114
W.C. Among men there exists a desire to be acknowledged, praised, and revered.
Among men there also exists a desire to acknowledge, praise and revere.

Few can do both properly.
a clever disguise I almost always like their hair better when they first wake up in the morning than I do when they've showered and styled it.

Not sure if this means I love to the naked core of a man or if men are just terrible at doing their own hair.
what's it to you?
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