typhoid lion lying.
girl is a horrible habit 000403
apples working on the truth 000622
sdd sdasad 001124
looozer! Lying is stupid 010302
chiidi on the floor 010302
god it's not stalking if you're gonna marry me! 011114
misaligned i don't believe this. 020131
reitoei i took some pysch personality test and it had like 50 questions asking if you beleived others would lie. I said T to all of them. or am i lying? 020131
ExiriaMalice i'm in love with two woman, and both of them are liars, and I just keep loving them anyway because their hearts are pure and their pain so deep that i want to heal it. i need to heal it but i'm ineffectual and my high school love has a child and an abusive fiance, and my misbegotten supervisor won't leave what's comfortable. and my husband and i could be so much to them both

i long for a day when they realize the passion that i carry in my soul for them
tricky mendacious

i lie to my parents, and only to my parents. you know why? because i have no respect for them. not because i choose to, but only because i have no reason to.
there's already so much conflict with them it doesn't really matter to me anymore if they catch me in a lie. maybe this attitude will be my downfall, but the downfall is what i will need to change my attitude.
i don't lie to my friends, because i respect them. there's no sense in lying to them, it just creates too much conflict where i don't want any.
Frak lying feels so unnecessary in most situations and yet people are willing to do it for the most pointless and silly reasons, despite the fact that it undermines the trust others have in them. strange... 031103
young pretender sometimes seems like the easiest way out
sometimes helps people
sometimes eases the pain
the grief

but you can't lie to yourself.

nazi propaganda man josef goebbels once said : if you tell a lie big enough, people will eventually come to believe it.

i sure hope not
Nirvanic Blind Really? I find it much easier to lie to myself than to others. I have a problem with being too honest. I think I scare people off because of this. I can see them turning around thinking "what a fucking freak". Oh well. Im really starting to get a good laugh about this kinda thing. kinda reminds me of the old guy on scary movie 2 with his ungainly friendly demeanor who throws his crippled fingers in the cake and yells out "my germs". If you haven't seen it, it's funny because the other guys were playing around barely touching the cake with their fingertips and saying "my germs". This guy thought he was doing the same thing by sticking his whole crippled hand in it. Yea....LoL. I'll just let myself believe that I belong. 040119
puredream I'd be lying if I said I didn't love you.
In fact all those times, all these times, all the times!!!! That I said I didn't, and don't...

I've always loved you.... always will...

I'd be lying if I said I didn't love you no more...
LessonsFromAngels "It takes one thousand words to create a lie, but only the truth is worth those thousand words."

One time I thought Alecks was lying to me. My dad searched for his address online, through one of those "type in the name and city and we'll tell you if they're real!" free trials. The first trial is always free, and of course I'm the only one we'd need it for. There were no "Ambroses" listed in the New York area where he said he was from. Turns out there is a flaw in the system. Their phone number was made private; not listed in the phone book means not being listed online. But now, there are all the little things that we know make Alecks real. The way his sister says his name when she's pissed off, The way his mom gets him for me when I call, the ease with which he refers to real teachers and lets me see his webcam. It is obvious this kid has nothing to hide.
shower singer I'm trying to come to some kind of peace, acceptance and understanding of lying.

On saturday I lied to a friend. We were getting out of the car on the way to the club, and I knew she was feeling insecure about how she looked, so I decided to compliment her. I scanned her hair which was pretty boring, and her earrings, which I don't like, and her top which she wears all the time and I think is trashy, and her jeans which were ordinary, and finally landed on her shoes, which were only mildly objectionable, but new. So I complimented her on her shoes.

But I know this doesn't actually give me an understanding of lying, because it had a purpose, and I could easily identify the truth from the lie. To really get into lying, I think I will have to try lying for no reason. Tell lies that make no difference at all.
dandy everyone has something to hide. and thank god they have the courtesy to do so.

lies are good. they are the social lubricant that keeps us with dignity and from killing each other with "honesty".
mikejohnson lies do not exist in this universe. the universe is made up very specifically, and to introduce something we know to not exist is to create a new universe where it is true. therefore lies do not exist in this universe, they exist only in the liar's.
believes in brutal gentleness.
tessa every moment is a new universe 050513
Lemon_Soda necisary evil 050513
DropAndRiver I lie because I'm afraid to undress.
Honesty reveals, among other things, That I am in acutality not brilliant,
Not moral, not wise, not composed, not Interesting enough.

Without a catchy phrase to recall,
I resort to lies, utter lies, which Always feel awful from start to finish.
I promise that it is the last, but Always do it again a few minutes later.
captain_subtext lust for the ideal state of reality, (or not having the guts to tell the truth when liar knows that it is not the suitable kind of reality others are expecting to hear) 050826
her royal highness the quirk *cues relapse*

*paints on fake but convincing happy face*

*dies inside all over again*
afrika crumples 050828
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