dallas silly! no one has entered silly yet! gasp! cachunk! what to do? what to do? 981114
heidi my dog who has a big plastic collar around his neck to keep him from biting his stitches. Has no peripheral vision whatsoever and keeps bumping into walls. Now that's silly! 981116
dallas silly or sad?

I mourn.
jenny silly is sad a lot, like when relatives fight over their deceased loved one's possessions...not that this just happened here... 990208
kirstin is one of my favorite words.

you are...

is so much fun.
sillyelly emotions running wild. losing the will to fight and gaing strength in the loss. a paradox of opposites. 990506
leslie people don't always realize how silly I can be until they see me dance around the kitchen singing made up words. 990528
silly sue I am 991026
valis a friend of mine would show a testicle thru a hole in his pants during lulls in conversation ... he'd just chuckle to himself, waiting for people to notice and comment on it.

Keep yourself amused at all costs.
deb oh, speaking of,
i must have seen him on the el
in chicago...
it was january and it was freezing, and if he didn't notice, oh, god,
dont even want to know...
i couldnt help but laugh a little

he spoke only spanish, though
so i descided to keep the
comments to myself

ammusement or some strange form of flashing people? this guy was just too odd
nameless oh you silly! 000122
Brad I've been called this since i was born. What can i say? Gifted, I guess... 000310
marjorie if you try to delay the inevitable
so you can make something that will not last
then you, my friend,
are ever so silly.
psycho insomniac everything is silly. thats how the world gets along. we make fun of everything. it's all good! 000828
Brad Some chick. I agreed to be her accompanist for her jazz singers audition, i hardly knew her. She loved the way i played. She wanted to get me in the sack. I can't have any distractions. She got the hint and stopped coming around. Good thing... she was on my nerves big time. Silly boof-head. 000828
Meg Sometimes I am silly. I like being so. When I have had a smoke I get silly and giggle uncontrolably.
There are ideas I consider to be silly like religion and rules and laws. Most people would consider anarchy silly but I don't.
Sometimes I am sensible and do sensible things. It is not as enjoyable as being proper silly and just going waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggghhhh
datura i have a poster of john cleese doing the silly walk from monty python. it's on my wall. when you open my door you can see it. i bought it for eight dollars at the mall, when i was supposed to be shopping for school clothes. 001202
pat sajak that's admirable 001202
datura thank you. i thought so. 001202
Dafremen ..can get you in trouble. Why is that? Why do we have these sto0pid rules about when you can be silly and when you can't?

I thought the open casket marionette was really funny. Why did everyone have to blow it all out of proportion? I'm sure cousin Mario would have appreciated my clever use of his lifeless arms. I wish he was still with us. He'd be on my side.
waxdot boof! haha 010414
little girl

In the beginning was the word.
Why is that Papa?
Casey "Draw a crazy picture,
Write a nutty poem,
Sing a mumble-gumble song,
Whistle through your comb.
Do a loony-goony dance
'Cross the kitchen floor,
Put something silly in the world
That ain't been there before."
-Shel Silverstein
Redidian69 these silly lines. 010518
Redindian69 these silly lines. 010518
TK silly silly cube ^.^ 011227
(silly) cube ;-)
ClairE YOU! 011227
End Is Forever Hey, silly girl, I'm begging you... 020107
Mahayana: Zakah: ...
froo froo nah nah
ur my
silly froo froo nah nah
Mateo Since Im typing this: Silly_con valley.

The fine line between sillines and stupidity.
girl_jane silly kid-the name I call a few people 020226
little wonder i'm in quite the silly mood tonight. it's not as enjoyable when i'm all alone and sober. 020304
yummyC a word I use ENTIRELY too often. If i have nothing to say and words need to be in the air, i comment on how silly something/someone is.

Nimai didn't know what silly meant (spanish being his first language, english second) so I had to explain it. It was odd.
lycanthrope my friend april has a sister named june, i asked if she could hang out with us. April, may june hang out with us? 020304
KindreDSpirit silly old bear. 020316
vette always :) 020604
paperdoll misfit
"Hey, Silly" I would say to him as I greeted him with a smile.

"Hey there, little lady" he would say in response.

And then we would look at each other not knowing what to say next until one of us breaks the silence asking the other "What's up?"

It would be followed by the usual "Nothing much."

And then back to the silence and shifting eyes and awkwardness...

A billion thoughts running through my mind, but the words...I just can't make them come out. Is it the same with him? I hoped so. What was going on inside his head? Who will be the first to really speak?

In the meantime.... "Same here" would be the standard reply.

awkward silence, shifting eyes looking in every direction except each other's, nervous smiles, sweaty palms, heart racing, but no words...

silly adolescents.
carebears I have no idea what the hell im saying. I dont know how any of this works. I guess im doing it though. Wish me luck.. FREAK 020720
niska that boy and the way he makes me feel 030301
yoyology Conversation with my 3-year-old

"You're silly, Daddy."

"No, YOU'RE silly."

"No, YOU'RE silly."

"Well, okay, I'm silly, but you're a goofball."

turd BLORgindofrinfsgaagd
one time I was mutating into a closet when I remembered I had made a hotdog 20 years ago. I wavered up the downstairs and told my mutalisk that he didn't know defense from a poptart. mmmmm poptarts.
pipedream what the world needs to stay sane...what'd i do without silly? need silly...when you say a word a lot of times, it starts sounding funny...sillysillysillysilly 030414
i love niska the fuckin russian . i wanna Cum back to you, my little twingling Carrot! 030707
niska who the fuck are you? LOL!

i'd be worried you're stalking me on the internet, kiddo, but i'm not sure i'm really that easy to find...

go fuck yourself, again.
nomatter silly enough to sing christina aguilera to the world
only cause its h i l a r i o u s
outov god and satan 031023
artsy silliness. sillyness. slyness. like the squirrels that climb the legs. trunks. tusks of aging elephants still tied to three-foot leads and no leg room to kick. it's all about the stretch, the wave, the stance, and occasionally how much one can spit out of their oozing head. bed. shed those long lost thoughts because stuttering is sluttery. 031103
thestoryteller> It takes a hearty laugh from the heart to guage the value of a child being silly. 031203
marjorie ^_^ heheh.

did you see the look on your face?
no. you were looking out, not in.
x twisted x heheheheheheeee....
the cure for many things. laughter. smiles. i love being silly.
orangine goose 040227
stork daddy even intellectuals try to come up with symbolic justifications for their love of boobs. mothering and full and all that silliness. 040416
spinning billy 040508
andyg tim was silly
so he gave jill a wet willy
pissed off, she said "STOP"
she punched him and he fell with a plop
but tim was fat
and had a baseball bat
he hit her in the face
so she fell back in place
tim felt like a man
and had to use the can
so that the end of the story
hope it wasent boring
Syrope i like your innocence
it's a relief not to be competing all the time

i'm waiting for you to get bitter though. just waiting.
aprilsfool you make me feel silly most of the time. is it because i look silly? or is it simply because i am the fool. you make me this fool. i am so tired of chasing dreams that were never to be dreamed in the first place. i'm so tired of chasing silly memories, and silly dates. im exhausted from running around, getting you to notice me. and all of it is just so silly. but the unsilliest thing about all of this... is that i'm through with this. and through with you. 050124
valen i am silly. he calls me a goose. 050409
djstar we fight.
its silly.
you drink too much,
and its serious.
its not as silly
as "pulse"
'when we got kicked out of two bars'
although i fell in love with you again
when i had to place
that plastic bag under your mouth
while you were lying in bed
'beautiful and grotesque'
throwing up.

i think i'm charming when i'm silly;
you don't think so (all the time)
and that's fine.
i try to think you're not the sexiest woman i've ever known,
but that's just silly
because you're the most beautiful girl i know. and you think i'm silly for saying that all the time.

and i know i shouldn't make jokes
when you're trying to be intimate,
and i'm sorry.
keep letting me try
because when i think of
me without you
the silliness that makes us beautiful
turns into a heart wrenching
neurotic mess. and that's just silly.
Tara i use this word more than i think i should and i feel silly for saying silly so much isn't that silly? 051027
flowerbed on a cloud Oh, yep, me, most definitely^^ and my crush off he will ever notice... 051206
sarah i get silly around my friends and family members
but when i get around strangers i am a completely different person
i get so shy
i wish people would understand
i cant make many friends because of this and it sucks.
why does it have to be like this
i dont like it and wish i could change but this is me and i hope good comes from it one day
flowerbed on a cloud I have a professor. He's italian. Love it when he says "silly" 3 061114
hsg spongebob 061227
h s g PS(ick)Y

s IlL Y

psy icky


a kickin' the brain,,, gets the blood flowing.
Janaewen Gnocci sandwich. 110626
alvarny smart silly is the new smart 131021
silly he said I had to do this

penis benis eggplant vaheen!!
dick cunt pussy fuck
fuckity fuck
vajajay labrodoodle


where there is cringe there is power
what's it to you?
who go