me? Some are into silver
Some are into gold
Some are into having
Something nice to hold
ricmariem you have them now and you may lose them later
you should be careful not to let it slip away easily
Sintina Those memories and those moments
are the most special ones to me.

I could lose my bed, my clothes,
my jewelry (yes, even the ring),
my home, but I would hope, I would
hope so very hard and long that
none of my memory is lost.
None of my drawings, none of my photos, none of my stories. None of the things
that remind me of the people and
the days that are gone.
For those are my greatest possessions.
Worth nothing to you,
but everything to me.
black-dyed gel product I don't have possesions anymore, just addictions. 010611
uncle bettie Those things that I have, that most would consider possessions, and I don't mean only things you can purchase, I consider blessings...mostly ... I have a keen sense of self, I also have bad teeth. I have musical instruments and a joyous soul, I also have teenaged children and little time. I have a home, I also have friends who spend more time relaxing here than I do. I have a beatiful and remarkably agreeable wife that indulges my every fantasy...did I already mention that thing about teenagers? I have a busy mind that sometimes spins me around so fast that I get dizzy and fall down. Good thing I also have carpeting. 050101
stephshine i really love some of mine.

i do like stuff.
stephshine boots especially. furry UGGS. blue cowboy boots. 070219
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