psyki sometimes i get over charged
thats when you see sparks.
they ask where the hell im going??
at 1000 feet per second.
hey man slowdown. idiot slow down.
For sure! you can make a boat fast by throwing out dead the captain! 000712
yummychuckle Fast As You Can by fiona_apple

I let the beast in too soon, I don't how to live
Without my hand on his throat; I fight him always & still
O darling, it's so sweet, you think you know how crazy
-How crazy I am
You say you don't spook easy, you won't go, but I know
And I pray that you will
-Fast as you can, baby run-free yourself of me
Fast as you can
I may be soft in your palm but I'll soon grow
Hungry for a fight, and I will not let you win
My pretty mouth will frame the phrases that will
Disprove your faith in man
So if you catch me trying to find my way into your
Heart from under your skin
-Fast as you can, baby scratch me out, free yourself
Fast as you can
Fast as you can, baby scratch me out, free yourself
Fast as you can
Sometime my mind don't shake and shift
But most of the time, it does
And I get to the place where I'm begging for a lift
Or I'll drown in the wonders and the was
And I'll be your girl, if you say it's a gift
And you give me some more of your drugs
Yeah, I'll be your pet, if you just tell me it's a gift
Cuz I'm tired of whys, choking on whys,
Just need a little because, because
I let the beast in and then;
I even tried forgiving him, but it's too soon
So I'll fight again, again, again, again, again.
And for a little while more, I'll soar the
Uneven wind, complain and blame
The sterile land
But if you're getting any bright ideas, quiet dear
I'm blooming within
Fast as you can, aby wait watch me, I'll be out
Fast as I can, maybe late but at least about
Fast as you can leave, let this thing
Run its route
Fast as you can
Fast as you can
Fast as you can
Fast as you can
yummychuckle read the lyrics
they are pretty.
and logan asked me to listen to the lyrics of that one songs so he should listen to the lyrics of this one song and the other one song and all the rest...
passengerpigeon as lightning

(expert timing)
unhinged tsunamis can move in excess of 470mph. that's pretty damn fast. the retreating backs always seem to be moving faster though. 011103
Effingham Fish Being fast is more than speed. 020102
writings on weed it all happened really fast... i went too fast... i thought it was the right speed and the next day i went even faster,, i think i'm crazy... at least for now... my heart was beating faste than even... and grass is supposed to chill you, but it made it beat even faster, and hennessy just made it even worse. ithrew up and got sick next day. and she forgot about my existence. i am nothing. my life has left me for soem time. it all just happened way too fast and it seemed unreal 031022
pete i am on a media fast.

i hope it grows past the fast stage into a new media. i hope enough people fast that we reach the critical mass and change comes. i fear it will take the peak oil to change us. and i fear that will come sooner than later
acidshank too bad hes not the fast pace kinda. maybe once we get past the awkward phase he'll be fast.
o jeez. I CANT KEEP MY MIND OFF IT. why not? why o why not?
hsg drink water. run. sleep. eat nothing. get clean. 050707
the awful truth well i never said i knew where this train was goin
out along these tracks
i dont know whats in front of me right now but
i know i can't go back.

every night when i open up these big old doors
and let the air come rushing in
well every night i swear to god i think i might be
drowning in my sins.

i said
every night this train it stops in a different town
and every night i leave
i find a different girl in different streets to love the same way
i never stay to sleep

every morning when that loud whistle blows well
you know that i'm on board
you can find me in the back car swallowing
my swords.

i never ever want this train to stop now
i dont want to slow down
i want to keep on watching this grass this sky rushing by
i dont want to see the ground
i want to see you where i know i'll find you
lying on that beach
rocks beneath your bones and salt in your scalp
and me
on my knees

i dont know where i want to go tonight
i just want this to last
and i dont care about the turns this train will take
i just want it to go
the awful truth see for music

and say something about it. for gods sake. something awful.

scott mac slow... 080304
what's it to you?
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