ClairE Long, smooth, muscled, hair, taut, soft woman, when you reach over to answer the phone after sex, the first independence of a baby, straddling you to work my hands on yours, strength and beauty.

When you look at a back, you don't usually see someone's face. Unless they're looking back at you.

The back isn't the end for me. Backs are honest because when you're really lying to someone, you use liquid eyes.
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Annie111 Oooh, this is an awesome blather claire.

backs are rippled and beautiful.
harrisonbergeron To me, backs are very innocent.
I see a naked back and imagine everything about a human that is prone.
How very soft it might feel when peireced by a blade.
How benign to all the rumors that it observes, but can't clue the rest of the body, namely the ears, into.
If I were about to plunge a knife into that innocent side of a person, if even I were stricken by anger, I would surely pause with remorse at it's defenselessness.
And at the same time, it holds a much menacing uncertainty. Fooling with it's harmless appearance, it might be the coy of your own demise. It might wait for your approach to turn and use the element of suprise to reveal it's fully attacking front half.
jezabel such a glorious canvas,
slow ripples and
understated curves,
shoulderblades move as if
underwater, slowly, softly reshaping
the field of smooth skin above.

backs are an invitation,
a blank, a playground for
all manner of sensation and decoration.

from neck's taper to ass's swells,
from shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip,
this mighty frontier begs
to be explored.
what's it to you?
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