nom) not malignant 050906
(z) (!) 050907
nom) (.) 050910
national hero blather is not beseached benignly. It can credibly contain contagious habits of word spewing, gibberish, and all around verbal lunacy. take your organized, identified, comprehensible jargon and flay it openly. There is no need for such base endeavors.angelic choirs sing in blather, unintelligible and fantastic. opera singers shout in foreign blather, loud and intrusive to any optimism you once contained, you ignoramus. This is no place for clever banter. Clang a large pot while speaking what you think is icelandic, and you blathe. 060322
Ishutan Too sweetly our lips are wrapped in tight canvas... a way to form our thoughts with policed colours... blather to be removed from the mix.
Blather for the sake of politics and lunatics... blather for the waste of words and waste of information and waste of thought power and waste of muscle and waste of time, knowing that all this comes together in a mosaic of banter and verbosity, a beautiful creation of you and me. Together, forever, through blather.
national hero HEAR YE HEAR YE!! 060326
nom every so often i think
what if it's not benign?
what if the doctor was wrong?

she didn't remove it
because of risk of infection she said

she didn't even do a biopsy
she just said
it's definitely a tumour
and probably benign
and sent me on my way
because she had oher patients to see

she told me to exercise for my m_e
so what does she know?

i just wanted to trust her
but what if she was wrong?

my family has been making tumour jokes
because the back of my head is swollen

nobody knows about my leg

it's my secret
my stupid secret tumour

and i'm just scared now
and i can't tell anyone but blather
stork daddy i'd make the whole world benign if it'd help people like you. 060420
nom i don't know if you were talking to me or what you meant if you were. 060420
stork daddy sigh. i know. well no one should have tumors. but if we could i'd take your tumors and give you my lack thereof. 060420
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