psyki the Faucets prepare for war
having painted themselves black
collecting weapons and more
the Belts are about to attack
a Faucet screams in the night
having been kicked in the head
it's a Belt that has started the fight
from the Faucet is trickling red
i cannot describe how i'm feeling
as i watch this blender of gore
some of the Faucets are stealing
knives from the grocery store
all of the Belts have machine guns
cares Why do I try to fly with buzzards?
Listen closely, I might hear an asshole
Sack of shit, pile of rocks
Fester, piss, moan
Empty promises, unfulfilled lies
My book, my lunacy, my lies
I stink so...
fuck you
Ideas change and so do you
secondhandland delirium is a disease of the night. The moon is like the light at the end of the tunnel, we are drawn to it in our desire to escape. 010320
Nick The only thing that kept me from going over THAT smooth inviting edge was a strange sentence. Its odd how a string of words can connect and feign relevance and save you from what seems inevitable. For weeks and weeks it was the first thought that came to me "I'd relive every wretched, sad moment just to kiss your heartbeat." I told this to him when we first met. It was among the first things I said to him, not knowing he was the one it was meant for all along. 020315
spider from mars

Adyana It's a thin film that covers the eyes. Distorts the world, changes reality. Makes you see things you wouldn't normally see. It takes you to another plane of consciousness. Opens up new possibilities. Frees your mind. 020526
Sunbleached ultimate reality - no pressure to adhere to the falsities of conformism. 040620
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