birdmad without provocation 010225
phil dog 020305
F r e a k It finally happened. I just broke down and had some kind of panic attack or something. I almost completely passed out but the phone rang and when I went to answer it, it got me calmed down enough to breath again. It was horrible. Ive never done that before. I couldn't breath and my body was numb. I ran around the house searching for a cigarette which seems pointless considering I couldn't breath. I guess I felt that if I could just get it and breath it in it would act as an inhaler in letting me calm down enough to breath again. It was a wierd experience and in a way I wish the phone never rang and I could've just passed out so I wouldn't have to be in reality for the time being. Oh well, theres nothing I can do about it now. 020528
Bou did you hear about that girl that got attacked Man o Man that is sure sad! 030202
nom attacking myself 061005
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