psyki i felt something once.
either an emotion or a thought.
could it be...
the capacity to love.
to feel joy.
to confuse joy with pain.
being depressed solves nothing.
silentbob although if you are depressed it builds up your threshold of pain.
if you go through some really gnarly hardcore depression, and you make it out clean on the other side, you must be a really strong person, and nothing can touch you.
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Effingham Fish I can never tell the difference between this and velvet, but it's my fault for never really trying. 020112
acidshank that one. that one felt alot for me. too bad i didnt want to pay attention to that one.
now its him. that ones friend. i feeeeel actually feeel for this guy. more than i have. i think. could it just be my lust? a fake ambition?
In_Bloom Bunny (Manchild) 081108
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