pablo little balls of fire and ice that gather in your heart 990821
Quintessensual From the vulgar Latin "exmovere," to react to movement or action, to excite. 991202
trakie sometimes any emotion to an extreme is good. like when life's so boring you wish anything would happen. then it sometimes feels good to feel sad. or when you love someone who doesn't feel the same, it's still nice to love unrequited. of course i prefere being happy, but still, depressing times makes to good seem even better. 991202
king kai emotion and instinct used to guide my every move - but no longer 991230
gaudior truth to be found.

lives to be lived.

sounds to be heard.

gifts to be given.

camille yes, strongly it's within. 000209
sandi deep and wide man 000324
kx21 Earthquake of the Earth? 001026
kady a beautiful feeling that grows inside of you. whether its happiness, sadiness, anger...anything...it always just feels right. 001203
Barrett "Emotions in Motion"
Billy Squier
kx21 e-motion or electronic motion in LIFE. 001204
tourist Viceral vibration
Thought beyond reason
Played out upon
Your physical being
The body's reaction
To the cortex's dreaming
The true judge
Of what's Right or Wrong
Lucien Emotion IS DEAD 001214
whale Emotions are the words we never speak. I feel sad, so trapped in my language. 010417
kx21 What is the range of the_temperature_of_emotion? 010902
Casey You can never shut the door on emotion, because there is always that fucking crack at the bottom. 010902
kill rhythm i was having such a good day, and now i am just kinda sitting here being bummed. all emotion is gone..i hate this feeling 020502
devalis extremely powerful cherry bombs ignited at the times that can make or break you. 020820
colors20 I'm starting to become bitter towards my dad. It might just be anger. I think it is. I hope it is. I don't know what to do about this and I feel like I'm losing my dad and I might have already lost my mom. I didn't lose her, I still feel her love. but I miss her. 020915
YOU It's life and the reason I exsist...without it...this dimension would remain flat. 030216
Emotional Bizzar Why do emotions travel in packs of 2 or 3? When Im mad about something, I wanna be JUST mad, not sad too. So when Im yelling and screaming, I must seem SO threatening when Im crying my eyes out.

I get upset about one things, then all of a sudden everything sucks. Nothing is right and everyone is against me.

When Im happy, no one can do any wrong, and every problem before has faded.

I have issues... but we wont get into that. Damn these emotions. Especially the ones that leave me weakened and on my knees...
Elvira My emotion controlls me like a wild beast, Peering out of my eyes
he sneaks up to feast
as my tone grows sharp and my eyes become feirce, I stare at my loved ones shooting my spears
what am I angry about? My heart pouts. Is it now. Do I know? I do not. I grow hot. falt my own, the seeds I've sown.
jezabel lust tricked me into a dark alley,
and you ambushed me,
took from me truths
i didn't know i had.

i am left confused and alone,
stripped of hunger and words
and wondering if i will be left
without the tenuous thread between us,
the subtle call that had me howling at your door.

meat can be found anywhere.
but the words and truths you pull
are silver scars that trace my outline,
rare and beautiful.

i need to believe that
once our storms are ended,
i will be able to drink you
in such subtle sips
oldephebe oh my god
jezabel would you just stop it?!
You writing it's just so rapturously erotic - whew! whoever he is - he's one lucky guy - there! I was trying to maintain my gray slate dispassion - the inscrutable blah that yields nothing but ah my god - you are just a torrent of desire - of passion - i so apologize if my words are offending you - it's just that wow! you are so talented - again sorry if i got a little carried away but ah man! I'll just take my foot out of my mouth and ah I'll be over here..
jezabel you think i can be offended by passion? darling sweetmeat, that is the core of my existance; without it i would be but a ghost.

and if he is lucky, it is only because i chase him... the world and winds are such that our bodies will never twine, though i still seek to drink of his painfully kindred spirit. my hunt must be turned elsewhere; and if that suitor is lucky, it is only because he was able to face my challenge and not emerge broken. we shall see what ripened fruit dangles from the next tree; though i must admit, a bitter wind blows with this inconcievable defeat, and i fear it may sour anything i wish to pluck.
oldephebe like i said i'll be over here and out of the way, do your thing girl

i really enjoy your writing though
reue Without emotion, man would be nothing
but a biological computer. Love, joy,
sorrow, fear, apprehension, anger,
satisfaction, and discontent provide
the meaning of human existence.
Arnold M. Ludwig---1980
My silient scream Feel the apin, feel the music, feel my heart and feel yours. My emotions running on high and my thoughts on exisiting so low. Remeber these blue eyes remeber my pain, remeber the times you were there and wern't, remeber the times you couldn't deal, remeber the fun times, remeber the bad....Feel the tears that run down my face for you, feel the world I've been put into. 031214
Babyblue It always drives u here and there, which is out of control. 040428
illusionary_reality you have eleven minutes to live.
dont waste them. let your emotion slip through from behind your barrier.
eleven minutes are all that's left
for you
show a little emotion.
blatherer emotions are thrown around willy nilly these days.

celine dion uses vibrato

lets leave emotion elone for it has been desecrated
estarocks everything is emotion, 4 w/out emotion we would not b. 040720
yes emotion is the landscape of our being. 041116
twiz the stuff that dies on the ceiling
while im staring at it from the couch
and i raise my hand like a branch
slowly and mechanically close and open
for every second i count
when that stuff pours out of my forearm
my own self walks on me
with each foot in my heels
taking its own, destroying
mine, eating whats left
he must hate me
from a past leaf in summer, creating their own paths of vomit

my knees hurt so much that day
the mountain frightens me
and i am nauseus
cutter i feel such pain
and now i know
that i should have appreciated
what i was once used to

today was boring
so repetetive
'cause all i could think of
was what i have lost

this god damned school
so drab and dull
i want to kill them all
especially the happiest
who have so much to live for

all i now have to live for is the day i have something live for
thorn repetition. but i feel the need to say something.
feel nothing much except sadness, with no real reason. cutting to feel something, to feel anything. but no no no no you can't cut. so it's hard.
feel disjointed and disconnected.
like there were strings, but they're cut. slashed. and they're left hanging, drifting.
Anonymous Everything I am, but only half of what I show. How I feel, act, and speak. The stuff of dreams, it will tear you down and build you up again. Embrace it or deny it and you will wane, but keep it by you and you will be steady. 050616
.fallen something is quite unsettling about experiencing the emotional scale fiercely and in it's entirity in one fell swoop 050616
Lemon_Soda The heart is wild and free and will feel as it chooses, but what is on the inside counts for noone save you. It is what you do that makes up who you are. You are a symbol for you and you decide what that symbol looks like.

Donot let the cruel calculations of the mind, the desperate urges of the body, and yes, the burning passion of your heart, to rule you.
. . 050616
Bite chill bites my chest I swallow the air like meat my land is full prey are swollen but i see black sky a patch between bright star and mother where your star fell and early dew of morning collects in my eye

I cry out for I cannot see you
I tear my flesh for I cannot feel you
I weep for I cannot remember your smell

pictures of past are plain to me rent in my mind like grievous wounds of joy a wife so wise and close to rule with me to run with me to hunt with me

you are gone from here and I do not understand my people give heart til death so now I must kill you in my heart tear the sweet flesh of your throat and taste your blood for last time and let your body go to earth to be grass again burn your gifts and forget your scars

I howl for I must forget you
egger i'm still too numb to howl 050702
Jedi Jim There is no emotion;
There is peace.
There is no ignorance;
There is knowledge.
There is no passion;
There is serenety.
There is no death;
There is the force.
A.V. full of them but no one to give them to... 051022
ANSwer833.33 Then give them to yourself, silly. 060502
Ptolemy DCLVIII Sentient splendor. Depth of consciousness. Existential* values.

*Existential: of, or pertaining to, existence.
what's it to you?
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