Q Believe me, I always think in scale. What will the wicked scale show the next time I step on it?

Neither a dimensionless constant nor a constant, to be sure.
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trazlo on which we are all measured
whether compaired to size, personality, income, or morality
di luce Let's put it this way: in this world some people are born knowing that they have a greater purpose.

These people sometimes find each other and become friends (or sometimes enemies). These people are the ones who leave a lasting impression on the world.

Nobody who knows of their particular phenomenon will even attempt to analyze the psychology. It's worlds and lightyears beyond the reach of somebody who is more worried about the ultimate outcome of their love life.

i.e. "Will I find the one?"

These people are above the romantic idealisms of young women. They are above the arrogance of intellectuals. They have a spiritual connection with life, with existence.

Which one am I? I don't know. I just hope I always remain true the philosophies of the enlightened.
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