typhoid not very.
a room once white now slighly orange
no one oils the squeaky door hinge
but it fills every so quickly
splinken there's a special season in mississippi when the growth of hallucinogenic mushrooms reaches its peak.

starkville has been called the Shroom Capital of the United States.

i believe shroom season lasts for two months. the result? apartments full of kids who shroom for weeks at a stretch. this past spring i went to visit a friend at his apartment. his roommates had been shrooming for a month--with occasional breaks for sleep.

this kid came up to me with a stupid, scribbly picture in his hand and said:

"this is what i drew today in art class. this is the origin of the universe. this is where i began."

stupid hippies.
The Schleiffen Man Q: What's orange and red and looks good on hippies?

daxle if I know what irony is (and I probably don't because apparently no one does), I would say that the entries under this word seem pretty ironic 001229
Q: Who is your Master?

A: I am....

Q: Where do you come from?

kx21 Rational; Free of ignorance, prejudice, or superstition... 030120
kx21 boogly boogly 030120
phil sorry that was rude of me 030120
bizzar i can't get him out of my mind. not the 'him' i should be thinking of, given the handed circumstances. he is someone i've known for years, but never really knew. i've kept my opinion for so long. never giving a second thought, a second glance... to have him prove all my theories wrong in a single night. someone who i thought i was so sure of. now the mere mention of his name twists my stomache into knots.

it's not something i expected, nor something i'm even ready to admit to. because it's all so unclear to me. could this really be something? or is it a plug to fill the hole so recently ripped in my soul? could i really give my time and effort, my life, myself to you? someone i've gotten to know as a completely different person than the one who opened my eyes the other night?

but now i find myself wondering. what you taste like. and what you're like when you're mad. and how it would feel to gaze into your eyes. they have a depth that i have never taken the time to notice before. i think i could memorize your moves, your face, your laugh.

but even thinking this is wrong. and i think we both know it. they all stand in the way with their juding eyes and pitch forks. and i think deep down i know nothing will come of this. and it's just silly.

so in the mean time. i'll see your face on the backs of my eyelids, and your body in all my dreams, sweet child.
biz juding = judging.

anythingbutcryptic society always thinks it is enlightened. i dont feel very enlightened. i bet theyll discover the earth is a cube and its sphericalness was actually a hallucination.
or even better, our existences are just halluncinations.
hsg taking_an_eternal_shit whilst at the same time giving_a_shit

the peaceful_warrior_practices_everything
dan_millman way_of_the_peaceful_warrior
They call me Truth It was once cold, now hot. Once dark, now bright. Once decaying, now reborn. It was once me, now is not. I once talked, now a murmur replaces loud tones, and spirit now replaces these broken bones. I was once enslaved, now freed with new thoughts, new potentials, new possibilities. I once looked at the sun, now I look at the earth, from trillions of miles away. I am here and there. I am not special, but I am not worthless. I am a remnant of something powerful now found, now known, NOW. I am NOW...and now I have no need for the past or the future. 090104
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