Joana. Running to reach something
A destiny with no precision
Nor name
And something pulls back
And I run backwards
And my legs aren't strong enough
I can't reach something
Though my will to reach it
Tortures me with despair
And pain
The dream is blatantly obvious
There is nothing to be explained
No symbols so hard to fathom
Or meanings so impossible to be seen
Yet in the same night
Only a few hours before
It seemed like I had dreamt
Of us talking
Only it was not dreaming that held that realisation
It was reality
We had spoken
And I smiled at the memory
Of your kind words
As they flew inside the liquids of my mind
And swam through the stifling air
Of my permanent dawn
And suddenly I remembered
How I forgot to say it
How I had planned to do so
And how it completely vanished
Once I saw the name through this screen
Your existence justifies my own
Here I type it
With such ease
And you will never read it, dear.
what's it to you?
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