typhoid looking ahead.
sun, sunday, morning. showers.
hair in the wind, a view, a way.
the populus crawls antlike across the vast sprawl of civilization.
even though most of them are still asleep.
Barrett I've found my self doing things, then thought I probably would'nt remember them in the evening. 000714
sunrise the sister of dusk
one who is joyful
most of the time
but can be brilliant
and can burn
with anger
if given
much time
or even saddness
but Dawn is generally
jo my awakening
earths awakening
together merging
generating heat in its own sphere
incredibly creating
chanaka hungover roomates stir, moan.
lying in bed as the red creeps across my feet and stains my comforter
i must get up, face the day,
pay my dues
but i still love the dawn
like rain. i can feel it when you hold me. if you would only let go of everything else, we could swim into the sunrise... 010427
clearblaze there is always a tomorrow to live for. dont condem the future, dont regress about the past 010428
florescent light It's dawn- I'm up, I should be sleeping.
I slept well.
Free time.
I listen to the birds.
How marvelous of a sound.

Suddenly, I wish I had somebody to share them with.
SadProfessor dawn to dusk everyday my loneliness choking me further away from life as I reach out for hands of empty spirits.
Tears are the water that feeds my sadness as it grows and I can no longer live without it. It is my life and my cup that I drink out of, recycling my sorrows of yesturdays love.
who? breaks, smashes trashes this dream
I had of you, me too
wherefor art thou?
for what and why
oh my!
now it is cracking
better get backing
this dream will dawn
on you someday
Aimee you woke me at dawn... I didn't really want to wake up, but you kept kissing me in that spot. And lord did that wake me up... I have to say it was the most romantic thing we've done when we made love as the sun rose. 010526
Gilraen (s.h.o.t.h) Looking through my window now I see that the sun is beginning to rise slowly bringing pink, yellow and orange to the sky with scattered grey and purple clouds. But in the deep blue of the sky directly opposite, the moon is still high and shining brightly. 030324
partypooper i've read that if you make love as the sun is setting or rising, and you get pregnant, then your baby may be retarded 030624
A If you get pregnant at any time your baby may be retarded. Duh. 031203
pete stumbling, barely awake, out of the bath room with a glass full of water to see dawn's hands work their beautiful magic painting the sky red in the east 070401
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