Q Yes, diamonds and roses can be golden, while gold can be lead. 000914
ilovepatsajak ...girls! with estelle geddy. 010917
Dubbynz Golden, as the showers sprinkling my waiting face. Whos the nasty bastard contributing to my demise? The silly donut smuggler from down the hall. She's an odd breed, she is.

Powder to the people, for all love is blonde.
delial child; perfect, highly esteemed; someone you wish you were and
yet are glad you aren't

but to be so
in a certain someone's eyes
might not be such a bad thing
imposter I went out for sushi this evening, just a grab-and-go, and as I pulled onto Chapman and swung around, heading east, I saw it there, hanging fat and golden over the city.

It hung up there, in the shade we sometime call harvest, sitting glorious and pregnant.

It was pregnant with some sort of secret, fat and chilled above Earth, dawning in space, pregnant with a golden secret that it longed to impart on the black asphalt and pale yellow lights that pathetically mimicked its eminence in the sky.

What was it that this golden wanted to tell us? Was it something for me alone, driving east on Chapman for some salmon rolls? Did it long to tell of some secret yearnings, from before the dawn of time? Was there a terrible, private knowledge it shared with the stars alone that it wanted to bestow upon this pink man in a blue car?

It hung there, pregnant and round and fit to burst, and I wanted to lay my hands upon it like a naked woman eight and a half months into term. I felt that if I touched it, the sky would ripple like the still surface of my pool that now reflects its silvery midnight back into the cobalt above.

It hung there, huge and golden, its slightly waned face kissing my wavy blonde hair and whispering into my ear the golden secrets of autumns long before, pregnant with beauty and wisdom.
oldephebe says: imposter - you broke it down bra'! 030912
IKC 56-80 ...shower of hits...

classic Circle_Jerks, classic.
me wow... f'ing glorious, imposter... 030913
IKC 56-80 and yes, outside of last night's bout of me being downright_crude, i forgot to mention that what imposter wrote was pretty damn nice all around... sorry 'bout dat

sleeping later than usual
marjorie it's not my fault this time.
when i touch things they turn to shit
not gold
must have been midas
mt apple 031204
sameolme kind of like gold, see: fools_gold 040404
sameolme well see fools gold after somebody
actually blathes it
me? golden blonde strands of hair. in the sunlight. pretty. 090228
medusa Anyone from Golden Dawn here? 200423
what's it to you?
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