pSyche It will never be.
It is
just another bad re-write
of an already lousy
soap opera love.
But the tragedy you wrote
in my little book
of life...
Now that,
was timeless.
kid andre It seemed as if every move you made was in slow motion and every tree in the distance was in black_and_white. 050529
oren Another word that modern media has watered_down. It's gradually losing its strength. 051218
ever dumbening i'm bouncing emails back and forth with my ex-girlfriend (cf. rosemary) to help plan a party with her. the party is going to be at another ex of hers. apparently the guy has absolutely zero in terms of kitchen stuff, never ever cooks. so in my last email i simply asked if running water and oxygen were available.

here's the response:
"Yeah, no kidding. Actually, the kitchen is amazing, tho never used. Jim is a Type A business guy, former CEO, always eats out, super disinterested in cooking. Really, about the only thing you two have in common is that you both broke my heart. ;-)

See you tomorrow."

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