jorge how things evolve and that which we come to take for granted is lost in the mesh of time. 980821
jorge are the clouds that drift across the skies. more amazing are those who stop to take notice amidst the rush. 980821
djdown how things that are painful often end up being the most relaxing. 980826
jorge how much that sounds like sado masochism, isn't it? 980928
k how i didn't realize i loved him when he loved me, and when i did, he stopped.
(more like weird, but.)
FooLmOOn the power of love in gentle mind can alter all the course of kind ....and the prick of one pin will bruise it forever.... 991015
juliet what _games_ played here! 000309
silentbob being told i'm amazing under harsh throaty breaths is something you can only appreciate through experience.

and then coming home and hearing the lonestar song on the radio...its a wonder i'm not crying right now.
Barrett "Amusing the Amazing" (SloBurn) 001106
Shugarhi It's amazing how one simple thought or action can change your entire attitude on life. 010907
Rayne Amazing is the way you make me feel knowing how much you love me. Theres nothing better than being in your heart. You are my strength. I love you! 020105
kerry the world *glitters* [in my mind]

like big comic book letters, "AMAZING!" voosh!!!
morphine. oh so very.

see, the way you found me,
is the absolute best way to find a person.

and i dont even know. but that could change. that's a dime on the ground, man, getting ready to be picked up.
angie i find myself saying this countless times a nite
"you are so amazing"
i really have no other way to express how much i am in love with you and how i can't believe i found someone like you to share the rest of my life with
every good word, every compliment in the book i wish i could say to you all at once, because that is truly what u are
everything that is you
you are truly amazing
you make me feel so...beautiful in every brings me to tears thinking about it
last nite was so wonderful, just being near you and talking to you is all i ever want in the world
i will never be bored as long as u are by my side
i didnt want to leave
i wanted it to last forever
your kisses get sweeter every day we are together
your embrace feels that much more comforting every time i am with you
i dont know where you are right now
all i know is how much i love you
i miss you
niska when I said you are amazing, I wan't lying 030301
pipedream amazing grace, what a beautiful sound. or song?
how d'you get grace?
blown cherry When he wants me. When he's turned on like crazy and I can hear him gasping at my every touch.
When I think he really wants me that much,
I'm awed,
and want him even more.
Julia it's amazing that we found each other. the world would explode if we didn't end up fucking. 030502
Saphfire The way you touch me, and make me feel. The way I smile when I think of you, and the feeling of your lips touching mine. The things you whisper into the phone to make me blush. 030701
ambermoon your touch.
your words.
your smile.
your body.
the way you look at me.
the way you make me feel.
the way you smell.
soullinguist What wonder!
What joy in the newborn world
To feel a heartbeat and
Taste soft sweet breath beside me
Cheek by cheek
Hands cross fingers in silent complicity
Skin soft and subtle over
Bird-like bone
You are a fascination to me
Warm sculpture
Breathing poetry
Bathe in warmth and murmured
Sleepy secrets - hell and heaven
Can wait until
Your mother gets home.
Syrope i don't know lately
if you've been reading things i don't know you've read
or if you can just learn so much about me by watching and being with me
but you're absolutely perfect
everything i've ever wanted
and i'm happier than i knew i could be
every time you say my name
and every time you touch me
i realize how bad i am at telling you
because i need to tell you over and over
that you
rage the only word to describe you. You. blow my mind; my world explodes. you're the breeze that wraps around me and pulls me into the sunset and i can truely see now that the sky has fallen in love with the clouds for my world is pink and gold. You are the most magic person i have ever met. overwhelmed with wonderment. i wish i could tell you, but my words are nothing when i want to cover your body in kisses, like stars, enfolding you in my universe because to me you are eternal. 070220
jio jio 100215
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