princess lola bordering on obsession 010408
birdmad mesmerized 010930
Dis Three more days,
I'm back in the air.
Sweet lovely darling handsome elf,
I'll lick your earlobes and nibble your fingertips,
and feed you kisses tinged with drink.

"I'm looking for someone more..." He didn't let me finish.

"West," he interrupted.

I giggled. How I adore him - it's unreal.
Fire&Roses The way I stare at him in awe... it borders on fascination. Not his perfection... i have seen his few flaws. The way he is amazes me, i could stare at him for hours just taking him in. The exact colors of his eyes his hair his skin. The magic he creates in me fascinates me. 011002
birdmad can't turn my eyes away

imprinted in my mind
Jarec red is so intimate, but lately i have felt a fascination for the vast expanses of blue... 021116
syrope i was doing so well

it's like a car wreck
or a flaky scab

honestly now
three words you_trippy_this_trippy fascination tip 110317
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