Agent008 wind -- not east -- where people went a long time ago (ex. "hey billy, where you goin'" - "i'm headed west") 010118
Dis Every time I see you I am more convinced that you are what I want.

Every time I leave you I am more convinced that I should have stayed.

"Tell me what you want," I asked you.

"Stay here. Simple as that. How many times do I have to say it?"

I gain my courage on the plane. Sell the house, sell the car, pack my possessions, hit the roadit all seems so easy, what the hell is my problem?

The problem is something that is still missing. You swear up and down that you care deeply for me, but where are the romance and affection you claim as your downfall? We sit in the middle of the road outside a Reno wedding chapel, daring each other to get out of the car... When the conversation turns to money the bubble bursts and we say, "Forget it."

You don't know what to do. It's been four years, and the only girl you feel for is on the other side of the country.

So maybe you are too young, too unconvinced. "I don't know what I'm capable of," you admit as matter-of-fact.

I can wait. I'm not sure of myself, either. You are the most unique thing I have ever found, my lovely, but uniqueness is the blessing of a limited search. If I cannot have you, surely there must be someone like you.
god going west on easter, looking for a good milkshake stand.

mission status: partial failure...

at least we DID find a milkshake stand...
stacey i have the coolest middle name!!!!
minnesota_chris I don't think suckers is a good middle name.

witchesrequiem Why do you crap out?
You asked me once why you are not a character in my book.
It's b/c your shady...you promise..brake..then u claim not to remember.
U pry..away at everyones life, yet tell nothing......
Ask deep personal shit...then don't even comment...
I wonder how you can ask deep shit, shrug and go back to being a moron..
Ahhhhh..whateverbI will finish this with u later.
lou_la_belle when the sun falls behind those peaks
tipped with ice
and bathed in the evening light
i want to follow it
follow it home
i imagine that the sun doesn't really circle the earth
that it goes home
where everything is right
and happy
i could shadow
its every movement
and convince a lingering sunbeam
to guide me true
i'd never rest
take me home with you
somewhere out west
a the western skies light up with warm shades of yellow

as his return draws more near

he is falling back to earth

for the final commencement
what's it to you?
who go