werewolf i will drink that extra steel reserve. i will draw a moustache on that painting of your father if you let me in that shiny house.
i will leave the door open and the dinner out.
the christmas bonus was spent on a good drug time with some bums, and an ugly stripper who lulled me to sleep with her dancing.
i will bring in the dirt if not the trees on the soles of my shoes as i enter the pristine carpet hallways offered up like a trophy pet, like a collectors stamp on a platter.
i read books from the middle, or judge them on one word, usually the ugliest one i can find.
i don't sleep the night before a long journey.
i will drop the rifle, i will nap when the invading armies are at the gates, their war horns causing your hands to shake.
i'm not afraid of the end of the world but new beginnings terrify me.
i will write it all down and forget about it and you will be left to suffer.
i will forget that the absolvement of getting away with it does not mean it's right.
the worst thing i will do though, is that i will be beautiful,
i will be a dancing star on the tip of a poisonous gulf, a dangling particle pulling soft hands and eyes into gnashing teeth.
i will stretch and push my feelings of guilt further back until i am empty.
i will use your trust since i cannot match your guile,
and i will love you.
i'll be a moron who loves you,
and you'll love that it's real love, but won't you see that it is offered to the sky and the dirty ground, to the worms that would squirm over my body as a corpse if i laid still enough?
i am no better than them.
i love you.
run i'm such a moron for not running...
.. it looks like so much fun.
i'm going to start making my costume for next year...
i can't wait but i can't believe i have to wait a year for it.
ora but i can't believe it's not butter ! 070422
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