charles hiding, scared, endlessly looking around. 991129
me? a frayed knot?
afraid not.
amy yowzers! i'm getting real 'fraid now... 991129
|sCaRReD*disTrOyeD| I'm afraid of the past. I'm afraid of the present. I'm afraid of the future. I don't know what is happening, and I sure as hell don't know what is to come. I just know I'm afraid of it. I'm supposed to tell him how I feel about him today, even though he already has a girl friend. Right now I'm more afraid of that than anything else. I don't know what his reaction will be. I don't know if he feels the same, completly the opposite, or if he thinks of me more as 'a little sister.' I don't want to be a little sister to him. I want to be everything to him, just as he is to me. I want to be all he thinks about, just as he's all I think about. I want to be one with him. 991129
valis i'm afraid my time is up. 991208
elimeny fear....
shaking with desire...
I'm scared...
Oh God I'm so scared...

You're afraid to let me in...
I'm afraid to lose you...
I'm afraid I'll never find anyone else like you...
And purples...
Cool colors to freeze in...

Please....I'm begging
I will swallow my pride and get on my hands and knees....
but I'm afraid of you refusing me...
Please give you back to me...

I know I said I'd be alright
But I'm really missing you tonight

I must overcome this fear...must not be afraid..
"Don't cry Jessica, it's okay."
You don't know.
You just don't know.

so there.
amy a rope walks into a bar... 991214
nameless im afraid im afraid im afraid im afraid ghooooooooooooooost!!!!! 991218
squirrel I'm afraid of his eyes 991231
someone Shhhhh..... did you hear that?

--" i'm affraid of being affraid "

Must have been the wind.
marjorie I am not afraid. Who said I was afraid? Who was it? Let me tell them. Let me show them. No. I am afraid. The most picturesque scene wants to collide with my chaotic fabrications and make... reality... We annot allow this. And, no. I am not afraid. I am just... kind of scared. 000222
squirrel Eeek another squirrel! This is getting nutty! I'm a little afraid of my own reflection.

What do you see when you look into my eyes?
b0 im afraid t0 sleep n0w
im afraid 0f my bed
every night is a nightmare
in my dreams

i am dead
stupidpunkgirl i'm afraid
that no one will care about me
i'll never find *the one*
i'll waste my youth
i will always let *him* hurt me
that i will settle for less
i will fade away
ass facely i'm clawing at this coffin lid in mute bloody nail abandon. i gasp through the blackest black and my mind reels as the last shred of my sanity rips away....... 001219
unhinged i'm afraid that one day i will wake up and i will be completely alone with no one around to catch me 001219
Greg I'm afraid I'm already there. 001220
COLDandBlUEkitty you stupid punk gurl.
how could i let you fade away??
misstree curled in a corner,
wide eyed and panting.
squirrel that dream again. the same dream i can't stop:

is that my arm in the corner!? Oh SHIT!
god OH NO
deb see: weakness 010312
mikey being affraid isnt weakness...acting on it is.

same thing with being jealous, angry, depressed...many others. its human nature to feel it but its weak if you act on it. (there are exceptions)
deb i'm afraid of my own shadow,
afraid that i'll
stab myself in the back somehow-
i'm scared of my future,
not that i'm picking the wrong one,
i know better-
i'm afraid of the future,
of the change that is coming,
of losing my name and gaining
a new one alongside a permanent companion-
i'm afraid of being alone at night
when it all comes flooding back
and i wish the lock on my door
was not so easily picked-
when it gets so bad i wish that
i at least had that flimsy lock
as a child-
my bones are tired
my heart aches for him
my eyes are always on the brink of tears
i'm so alone here

so cold

i'm afraid of what might not happen
and what will
and of all the things i don't know
i'm afraid i'll lose you
i'm afraid of what i'd do if that happened somehow
i'm afraid of myself,
of my own shadow
stabbing me in the back
mikey the shadow stabbing in the back. thats such a beautiful line.

ive never thought of things in such a way before.
dafremen I'm afraid that some of you people might actually make it to the polls and VOTE! Good gawd get a backbone people.

The past is gone, ferget about it, the present is here then gone...enjoy it while it lasts. The future isn't here yet and there really isn't any way to make it show up any faster so f*ck it.

That goes for all of you love struck goons. Love ain't all that and a bag of chips. It's nice, but good gawd almighty so is a tall glass of lemonade on a hot July afternoon. No need to get yourself in a tizzy about either one.

As for being AFRAID of what he'll think. Don't worry sister, if he likes you, you deserve each other, if he doesn't you'll get over it. Either way...get over it!

As for GOTH boy/girl/person clawing at your coffin, very nice verse...apparently you got out in time to type up that blather. I'm glad.

You LONELY person..ferget about it. First off not being lonely is NO guarantee that they're gunna catch you and besides, don't you think landing on your own two feet is safer? Face it, once you're able to stand on your own...what is there to be afraid of?

Some of you folx are nutz, some of you are hilarious, probably the closest to true was YOU mikey. Me? I'm just an opinionated son-of-a-bitch with too much time on my hands.

I'd like to talk about it more but

I'm AFRAID my time is up....
mikey affraid. 2 f's heehee BONK! 010312
mikey god im a moron. i thought he put 2 f's its just 1 f and yet i said 2 fsssssssssssssssss because its what i was thinking and then....oh good lord. make the voices stop please please 010312
twiggie if you pull johnny's hair he'll shoot you... 010312
johnny west I was joking!
Although it's true that I was paranoid about my hair for a long time. I used to jump whenever someone went to touch it.
But that's another story!
dB Whoa! Fremen man. Back with a vengence, eh? 010312
Dafremen I must wrong the rights that have yet to be wronged. Right? 010313
owl dad 010327
abms afraid to sleep, afraid to breathe, afraid to cry 010422
lizard just. don't. think. about. it.

{her eyes}

like rain. it's a night when the stars can't fill the sky.

can you discern my silhouette grappling for you?
candi aint the world a funny place?
full of all the things you want to erase
wishin' you never had to fall from grace-land smack on your face?

don't it feel grand to love?
don't it just kill you to hate?

the mystery's never solved
no answers easy givin'
but you gotta keep on livin


YOU make the decisions.
YOU make the mistakes.
YOU live with the results.
YOU live with the hate.

its YOURS-YOU made it
its YOURS-YOU keep it


let it go

leet it GO!- it dont make a difference

tomorows tomorow

today is yesterday-tomorow

yesterday is just that,
not today, not tomorow, but YESTERDAY

today and tomorow are the only days you can make decisions, choices, mistakes,

those are the only day you can LIVE

all we ever HAVE to do is live

the only thing we can do is CHOSE how.
Shugarhi I'm afraid of being alone... 010521
Dafremen You candi, are dreamy. Cool beanz kiddo! 010522
WiCkEd im the one who's lurking around the corner at night when your all alone, but dont feel here to kill you. im gunna put a knife in your face and twist it. be afraid bitch 010523
bitch of what? 010523
robinhood a fire is a light that keeps away the night
it comforts when in tears and rids you of your fears
no reason to be afraid
CinnamonGirl afraid of never knowing fear 010604
Powder* I have never been so afraid
i have never been so in love
silentbob yet to be determined 010714
Casey By the time I realize I am, it is to late 010714
Rhinna me. 011031
paste! following an invisible billboard as it drags its ads around town. 011101
Wicket I'm afraid, because I don't know what to tell you
all these questions you ask me
there's no answer, but I wish there were
I'm afraid to fall
I'm afraid you won't catch me
I'm afraid I can't hide
what I'm feeling inside
I'm afraid to have lost
the part of me
which always kept me alive
I'm afraid to return
I'm afraid to walk this way
I'm afraid to believe them
I'm afraid to lie
I'm afraid to burn my hand
while reaching out
so I won't
and hide behind my fear...
ClairE At first I was afraid...I was petrified.

sarah I'm afraid of Americans
I'm afraid of the world
ClairE of you
of not_you
birdmad and justifiably so

the cobwebs and ghost towns all in my head

living in the back alleys of my own mind with the derelict and crackhead fragments of who i am and who i've been

the inmates run that asylum
hey now! scared to death to love too much
what if im not loved back just as much?
what if im not loved at all?
what if im just being paranoid?
are you afraid of the same things?
do i scare you?

so many fucking questions
i wonder why i dont question all the time. maybe because when im with you, im afraid of nothing.
im only scared when youre not there
Mahayana and she choralled onto i
:: as if asking::
are you fearful
are you frightened of the invariable effects

for i [am] petrified of
being in love with someone whom 'may' descend absent from me
being devoted to someone whom 'may' sooner or later rouse awoken & wonder
caring for this unbelievable woman- with scores of possibilities promises potentials in verve
finding you irresistible every moment of each flash
being keen on keening 4 you 2 go halves share contribute in our
dreams. passions. hopes. desires. aspirations {all 4 u-all 4 us}
all 4 u-isonlyone's'awayfrom-all 4 us
{now who is the s?}
you-or-i [or you and i?] i-or-you
being fond of encompassing an Achilles' heel for loving
when im 2 steps back in reverse [of reverse]
when im two steps forward

come again? if im not loved back just as much
could you repeat that? if im not loved at all
I beg your pardon for i am just as paranoid
{if not more} [not more] {if not more}
are you distressed by equivalent ruminations?
do ¿[[[i]]]? bolt from the blue within you?
do ¿[[[i]]]? scare you?
do ¿[[[my]]]? adorations traumatize?...
plethoric-ally unsighted resolutions
i interrogate my ownself constantly out of fears
out of fears that plague my minds melancholy sighs that whisper
oh how i could never be enough for her, for you, nor for anyone.
im 2 steps back in reverse [of reverse]
when im two steps forward
Syrope All I can think of when I read this blather is the Bif Naked song "I'm afraid of Britney Spears" but what I really wanted to say was that recently i went out with a guy who kept saying he wasn't afraid of was hilarious because he was so obviously afraid that I would think he was afraid... 020225
afraid be afraid... be very afraid. 020305
g h o s t i'm not just afraid...
robinhood i was afraid but then the sun came up
i will be safe until it goes down
gshin_rje there they were at my patio table
tattoos unfaded as mine are

piercing still fresh and bleeding
raw and harsh

not comfortable and invisible anymore

leather and metal spikes

and as one lowered the pipe

i could only ask, "you're not jehovah's witnesses, are you?"
me perhaps depend upon which jeHovAH u talkin bout 020412
Photophobe I'm not afraid of anything except for me. Fear of losing others, maybe. 020412
Freak he asked me what I was afraid of...
I didnt know where to start.
kerry rejection. does that count? 020615
silent storm that ill need blather again 020703
little fury bug oh god, he's about to say something, and i'm scared. i'm always scared when he speaks...i'm afraid that the next few words that come out of his mouth are the ones that are finally gonna break me.

and so he speaks....

i'm not quite broken...cracked, maybe. but still fully functional.
chiocken I passed through light.
I passed through light; I am not afraid.
DevilsLyric im afraid of porceline dolls

and im afraid of social scenes and girls
and im afraid of george bush and osama

and im afraid of myself
reue over and over
something inside me is there
i'm afraid
i don't know what it is
i'm scared
make it go away
falling_alone i'm afraid to share my poem...
its only teenage angst.
i really wish it wasn't
but theres nothing i can do
i think i'll have to hide it.
xyz he burnt his hands so he couldn't feel. 031221
jim why are we afraid to stand up for Christ? 040214
minnesota_chris does God need you to defend him, Jim? 040214
imaskitzo I'm afraid of snakes, nuclear war, getting cancer, and overly religious people 041031
djstar i'm afraid of hurting her more
than i already have.
i'm afraid of failure,
and saying no to people.
i'm afraid of saying what's on my mind,
and i know, that because of this fear,
i will only push what is dear to me
further away...
Bleu Im afraid of meeting her,im afraid of talking to her, im afraid of what may come out out of my mouth, Im afraid of her reactions. Im afraid of my thoughts, im afraid of her thoughts, im afraid she'll never love me, she doesnt belive in love she said. As much I love her Im afraid of her. Im not afraid of God but im afraid of her, Is she my lover or Did she become my God? 050911
Star_Scribe I'm afraid of Berkeley. The philosopher. because mu mind gave him/her Consciousness, gave him thoughts, sensations, perceptions, moods, emotions, DREAMS, and self awareness. Now all is Minds and Ideas. I am afraid of my mind because it throws ideas into the void. If we are not careful we will throw her into the void, if her is not already me. 080625
FA113N I'm not afraid that I'll never find The One.

I'm afraid I've found her, but can never be with her.

I'm afraid no one else will never measure up.
unhinged that i may have let the only true romance of my life go because i couldn't forgive him

now i'm doomed to be the lonely old cat lady sans cats
minnesota_chris there's always kitties that need adopting 130228
what's it to you?
who go