Tess adam: who were the first people in the universe?

eve: i don't know.

adam: i don't know either.
camille the beginning 000103
jennifer what was the first blather? 000111
amy undetermined, but one of these 12:

personally, i think "time" should be the one. or, "ridiculous" , depending on your perspective.
Q Blather officially opened to the public on 08/19/98. There were 20 - 30 blathes before then for testing of the system. The first blathe on the publicly released system was on "desirable" by none other than dallas bethune, the co-inventor, along with sage weil, of blather. 000111
Q correction - the first word blathed on the publicly released blather was
"time," and the blather was dallas.
Q Correction again.

Sorry, I was tired and occupied with other vib, you know, when blathing on this important topic of history earlier this morning - a couple minutes after midnight pst.

Or maybe that should be "psst," as in "you're waking an old, dead steed"?)

For the record, A was a participant in the creation. So she is a primary source. No hearsay, no extrapolation, superposition or supposition - only hersay - from her. Her word must prevail (mostly), not that it shouldn't in any case.

Or should that be "every" case? Why is "any" used in that idiom, when "every" is, I should think, meant? Maybe to alliteratively signal "amy", "ami", "amie", "amo"? Ahhh, verbi, they are so rich, the sounds of their pinging off our eyes and bouncing against the drumheads of our minds are so rich, so timpanious, so bjorkian enigmatic d'orbitalis.

The list of words A gives us is probably from her memory. No kidding - would yours so devoted and truly ever kid about something so de profundis but alive? This is not just photographic, mind you, it is microphotographic and sometimes seems to stretch back to the beginning of time. She knows every grain and cranny of everything; there's no way for wool to work to keep truth from her eyes. Even aluminum foil fails at every crinkle.

It now rests unknown whether the original blathes, unlike original sin, were conferred on the world as we then knew it on one or several dates on or before 980819.

If we could know it had been but one, we could apply the rule that the lowest on the list be the earliest blathed. That would be "worms". Perhaps there be some meaning there, as worms would then have been the Grund, the foundation, of this creation we have participated in to be here and there would be some comfort in knowing that something having to do with the ground and keeping it alive was the Grund.

But our reality is too often unjointed from our wishes and dreams. We cannot know it was but one date, unless perchance dallas could tell us the number. If it be but one, our dream would be our reality, our Grund would be secure, and we would live at least one more planck_time in the vast infinity that is space and time warped up in a sringy thing we call the universe? Or is that amore d'amore?

Otherwise A should have the upper crust, even if she prefers heels more than portrabellos. Time or rediculous. It's always one or both of them.

I'm thinking more now of strawberries with peaches and cream anyway.


Copr. 2000
Q correction to correction again

sringy = stringy

Christy My first boyfriend was two years before my first kiss. My first kiss was two years before my first love. My first love was nine months before my first heartbreak. Now I've dated, kissed, loved, and hurt. What's left? 000321
Sondra For the first time I'm realizing who I am; for the first time I'm loving the person I am. 010626
plastic egg 010706
casey I was the first person to see silentbob's underwear 010706
silentbob Christy: Doing it all again with scenary changes. 010709
Cgarman number one the best fuckin shit 011125
... "first we take manhattan, the we take berlin." 020206
girl_jane Awkward first kisses and uncomfortable, sweaty palms... 020207
oppressed_youth If you say it constantly for about 30 seconds, it starts to sound pretty funny.

Just think about it.


It sounds like a kind of sausage. Or a suffix. Like.. omnifirst. That could be a word, right? Is that a word? It sounds like it should be.
pralines&cream If I drink you up and enjoy our time together now,

then throw you to the side and walk on by, [thinking of this time that we are going through as simple, non-essential episodes in an otherwise fulfilled and completely independent life] these memories of us together, [in the height of passion] floating to the surface some day, during some lunch meeting or dinner rendezvous, [considered as nothing but enjoyable memories that sometimes, once in a while, when I'm busy doing other things with other people far away from you [and separated by miles and years] and bringing a smile to my face,

then hopefully you won't be able to do it first.
Betly 30 pharmacist married . . WOW, what a day that was. I was 25 and felt something inside me was ticking.
I was dating someone at the time, but I never felt he was the one I would have sex with for the first time. One day, I bumped into one of my older brother's close friends. hadn't seen him in ages. I used to have a crush on him and thought he was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. We hit it off, talking the whole night. The chemistry was intense. A couple of Weeks passed, and I had been seeing him almost every day. One weekend we agreed to meet at his house as his parents were up in the mountains. All this was a secret from my brother and everyone else. They would kill me. He cooked dinner for me, served wine, the whole lot. He was charming and sexy. I don't want to bore you with the details, but when I think of that night, I still get afterorgasm shocks.
We kissed for hours and then, funnily enough, I sort of felt that I was ready for it. He was worried and didn't want to make a mistake as he wasn't ready for anything and after all, he was my brother's friend. But I insisted. It was so beautiful. He was very delicate and extra-sensitive. We saw each other for several months, and the sex was outstanding. He taught me everything I know now, but we both knew that it was nothing serious.
Fightback What was the first word ever spoken
Naah, actually im not interested...
Sparticus love of god, above all things

i get it now

so much that i fought for so long, makes perfect sense

love god, first in your life

be mature in christ

id like to think that i am
ferret "go easy on me man, i'm a first timer..." 030824
Lindsey the first time i saw you, after seven years of waiting, wondering what it would be like
you waved at me through the window of your car and
i hopped out of meghan's, saying breathlessly, I'm Going To Ride With Him Now.
i sat in the car, on your stuff, and you said You're Sitting On Everything That I Own.
Shut Up, i said. and then, You're Actually Pretty Attractive.

(my heart beat beat beat beat beat beat beat beating in my chest like a bird, like a little wanting to scream I LOVE HIM until she had to take a breath had to breathe him in had to love him love him love him until she collapsed, exhausted. die happy.)
emmi when was the last time you did something for the first time? 040218
nothing one month ago i lost my virginity to someone i really love. we've done it fairly regulalry since then. how do i break it to him that i can't come, that its nothing to do with him but just something i've had to learn to live with. i dont want to hurt him 040317
Syrope as soon as you told me you were single, this feeling...i dont know if it was giddiness or nervousness or fear, but that first night...seeing you and not having to keep my kisses, my hands, my feelings to myself

it felt more like my first time than my first time did

you still give me tingles
nighean_siofra my dear,
you were always first

and always will be

no boys can change that between us

i love you
z is this just the rose coloured first?
the fragile-stone start?
will it shatter or hold?
am i blinkered?
z please do not use "z". i have been using it for 6 years. thanks, z 090209
what's it to you?
who go