typhoid on a kite, in the air, on a summer breeze.. seeing tiny little trees so far down below, each describing itself with perfect ease.. 000613
su zol Yes, I have words. Words WITH YOU. Words without you. I often have words with myself even.

we never get along

retrograde adrift on the ocean, without a care in the world.
with nowhere to go. just floating....
skiblu harmlessly through life 000724
Lindsey The two of us, backs pressed against the wood,
our toes dangling in the water, small pale prunes.
You twist the rings on your thumb, categorizing the clouds.
"A clown, a frog, a train." While I look between the planks,
startling when the salty spray hits my face.
My toes fall asleep, you decide it's too cold
and slip on your socks, never taking your eyes from the sky.
"A whale, a unicorn. . ." You point enthusiastically
at the puffs of condensed moisture in the sky,
while I wipe the salt from my eyes and struggle
to gather my hair in a respectable ponytail.
"You ready to go back?" you say,
already reaching behind me for your shoes,
so I slip my flat feet into my flat, black sandals,
and we head slowly from the floating dock,
back to the real, flat world.
the repeater 1 ***The POWER of Shit***

I am shit. There is a close relationship between you and me.
In you,
I see a specific Purpose of my existence. And I try every possible effort to use my magic POWER to light up you LIFE.

You one of the culprits or more precisely, my Fathers or Mothers or Ancestors who created me.

My contribtions are helping you to regulate the health and balance the warmness of your body; and to consolidate and clear toxic substances in your body.

And because of you, I slowly understand the Wisdom of LIFE, or so called

The Theory of the UNIVERSE:-

If you are NOTHING, You value me like EVERYTHING.

If you are EVERYTHING, you treat me like NOTHING.

From NOTHING to EVERYTHING, my only expectation of YOU is:-
Please don't shit on me anymore.

A Partner of Your LIFE,

Copyright 2001. kx21.com 010110
Glennaieve to float is to wish for if i could wish but one wish it would be to dream a never waking dream from which you sleep..awaken into the bright brilliance of your eyes and stare at the soul that reaches out to interwine with mine, my love why do sit there, why does the world go round making me dizzy on my feet...my feet planted solidly to the ground float me away from the place that I live..
the place I want to be is in your arms lost in the kiss you press upon my lips..the toucj upon my back..fleeting the moment in which I feel your body next to mine and I float towards the one that keeps me grounded...
birdmad face down in the pool like a cheap hollywod ending

the cigarette smoke and liquor bottles lingering on by the chaise
birdmad uhh, hollywoOd...fuck i'm too caffeinated to spell 011004
ever dumbening Each of us, one arm draped lightly on the buoy. My other arm around her waist, feeling the black bathing suit taught against the curve of her back. We float at the fringe--between swimmers and boats, between earth and sea and sky, between presence and drifting distraction. I slip in, entering her, and briefly forget. We swim back to shore, dry off, and supinate towards the sun. The floating lingers, its half-life bolstered by sensitive skin. 020314
ever dumbening My arm rests on the sun-hot, aluminum gunwale of the Grumman. I feel the occasional nibble of minnows at my ankles. The river occasionally rises up and offers a rock or two to remind the soles of my feet. A grape soda and a sandwich will taste good at the next sand bar. The damselfly rests lightly on my drying arm, grooming. 020314
dionysos the empty pink plastic shopping bag went floating by my third floor window

a chinatown jellyfish
ever dumbening Winter in Bad Gastein, cold and warm water make their way to the earth's surface. I swim under the glass and feel the bite of the air. Tempted by the ice blue, I ascend to the cold deck with steam leaping off, and enter the other pool. The viscosity of cold both slows and speeds me. I return to the warmed water, floating on contrast. 020314
werewolf when you ride up a hill on a bike...do you gradually methodically snake up it, or do you go straight ahead, yelling on the stubborn mule that is yourself? Sometimes the stupid way is the strongest way. That's why ancient people were capable of things probably considered inhuman nowadays...or maybe they just exaggerated more back then. Either way both are goals we should reach for. Like for instance...Milo of Croton...the ancient world's greatest wrestler...perhaps all of history's...had a grip so strong that in one hand he could keep a pomegranite from anyone...without crushing the pomegranite...and he used to tie hempen chords around his head so he could snap them with his bulging forehead veins, the fact that he carried a bull over his shoulders isn't that impressive. And of course musashi, the most famous of japan's samurai, all one need to do is look at his life history to be amazed. Mystics in india are recorded as having floated. Native american women rode horses bareback and gave birth to children not just without drugs but running... midstride sometimes i bet (okay maybe not) Speaking of floating, I still haven't figured out how david blaine street magician did it unless it was a camera trick. And again on a modern note...the feats of dan gable, aleksandr karelin, wattanabe seem inhuman to me and they're there confronting my less tempered will plain as day. Karelin once said "those who doubt whether or not my strength is natural are those who have not trained one day of their life like i train everyday." It's not easy living the same day to day life when you realize how little of your potential you're currently seeking out. it's like all of the voices of history are saying...hey...your loss buddy...we'll be floating over here if you need us. All the work only seems heavier. 020314
blown cherry "What I love about water it how you can go from just standing there, and lift up your legs and all of a sudden you're floating. Wouldn't it be great if you could do that in the air?" I said.

Paula laughed :)
cresentwhench You know the feeling of laying down on a bed or couch, and sooner or later you don't feel anything under you, so you twitch just to check...just to see if you're really floating? Then you go back to floating??? I love that. 021025
ever dumbening listing angles push wood to cut water as a cast of creatures entertain. porpoise, seal, salmon--and one has lost his head. each gives and takes from our passing.

an offshore drift along the coastline traces the past twenty years. perspective takes time.
Fire&Roses sometimes when I stare at the words on the screen to long I begin to feel as if I'm floating. Disconnected from the chair I am on. Hovering and bobbing before the screen like a bouy at sea. I feel that way now... 030723
Mandijabster 8th period is o so rad. That is of course, because Jill is in that class with me. We have a mad rad time learning about monstes getting their arms cut off and such, but lately we've been having a special visitor.

Every Monday or so, a man is outside of the window..floating! IN MID AIR! HE FLOATS! LIKE....WOW! He then gradually sinks after flaoting around for a bit and disappears into the oblivion.

Well, Becky is also in our school, and on that side. It must be Harry Potter in disguise coming to watch over her and such. She has many death eaters after her now a days.

Therefore I get to see Harry Potter!!! He's very sneaky about it. Instead of using his usual broom stick..he uses a tractor, and even dresses like a construction worker/janitor. Yea, ha! Like that rally fooled me.

Good Times with the Floating Man!
sc drifting.
WA anyone?
elisabeth42 It's dark here. I want to open my eyes. I want to find myself underwater, weighted to the sand. I want to see the light through the murky ripples and waves. I want to let go of my breath. I want to deflate and become empty and weightless. I want to float upwards, seeing the light getting brighter and brighter. Float to the surface and feel the salty air hit my body. Feel the splash, the water dripping off of me. Feel the light get hotter and hotter. Rise into the sun and burn in ecstasy.

Something like that.
silentbob you are
you know you are
needs a new alias lying on the floor,
hair behind me,
body loose, no thoughts---
floating on carpet
falling_alone he asked if i had any good dreams last night.
what if it feels like i have yet to wake up.
pete triple shot of coffee, a cigarette, overly large meal, and some weed.. add in one overly scholarly look at the early history of the pasch and three obstanately catholic ones and you have a mind sky high 041107
krea floating, falling, sweet intoxication 070207
delial facedown in the swimming pool 070208
2 ~ The High Priestess This thought,
it drifts into my mind,
from where it comes I do not know.
It is a truth which visits upon me,
and for a moment I behold it,
but I cannot possess it,
this thought.
gnight floatin worlds - celia holland 070209
dessiahs_song through air
but i, confused.
but ohsomany lie ahead, and i promised i would float on across all precipices (ice ice in fire and smoke).
but the avalanche crumbles not for the yeti.
snow cascading, smothering.
snowflake floating, magic to the ground.
major tom in a most peculiar way 070301
Syrope wednesday i had an orgasm floating in the ocean. i didn't think i could do it, push myself over the edge without anything to brace my legs or hips against, but i forced myself to keep my legs relaxed, and it was amazing. my new favorite_orgasm.

the colors were brighter when i opened my eyes, or maybe the sun had finished coming up. or both.
In_Bloom We were two naked bodies in each other's arms
Just floating in the water
Your head over my shoulder
My back against your chest
We innocently and gently swayed while watching the stars and thinking of the people we loved
And we felt loved, too
what's it to you?
who go