typhoid hiking for nearly 10 miles in the santa cruz wilderness
well, i guess it really isn't so wild, we didn't even see any sankes.. or wild boars.. or mountain lions..
but the uphills are fun and the sun burns bright though from up here things turned downhill from then on
SaxyWeed This one time. i fed my snake some beer. he was wiggling this way and that. he was all fucked up. 010517
nocturnal a drunken snake you say? hmm. that's an interesting thing to think about. if I had a snake, I'd so be pouring beer into its mouth right now. one of these days.... 010517
moonshine I couldn't even imagine trying to feed one of my snakes beer. Snakes drink at will, and usually not beer. 010518
SaxyWeed Actually it was a pretty bad idea in the long run. whenever i go to get a beer he follows me around the house till i give him one also. if i don't give him one for a few days he'll get into the fridge and get one himself. he always manages to take the last freggin one too. 010522
moonshine uhuh... 010523
kerry I HATE THEM 011224
cresentwhench see a serpent, see a serpent
eating a mouse, swallowing a mouse
there goes the mouse, hope it wasn't named mickey.
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