andrea sometimes late at night
i sit on the front stoop
and i can't sleep
and i can't think
and all i can hear is the air
moving through the trees

i think of how far away
i am from who i used to be
and it scares me
and it perplexes me
and all it does it make me
want to change even more

i've grown tired of who
i've even struggled to become now
and that's the truth
and that's what hurts
and what can i do about it
except take the pain as it comes

sometimes i get lonely
i have to bite back the tears
to keep me from losing it
to keep me from exposing myself
to maintain my composure
and i don't like doing that

hard as it is to understand
hard is how i've come to be
i don't want to do it
i don't want to be harsh
i can't let myself admit to fear
but i won't let myself go

i'm struggling with all i feel
i'm tossing it around my head
but i just don't understand
but i just don't believe it all
but that's the problem and i know
that i will have to face it someday

sometimes late at night
i sit on the front stoop
and wonder why i can't trust
and wonder why i can't care
and the only answers that come
are in the whispers of the wind

copyright 2000
soul which is the longest word you know?
cuz smiles has miles in it. Get it?
ahahahaha hahaha
Oh gawd. i crack myself up sometimes.
sEth So many miles between me and you.
Oh, I hate the distance between me and you.
j thn let us emale. long distances do suk sometimes. 020311
laced Those peeping toms, those Jazz listeners,
Come to see the saxophone boiling over
Everybody with the slow crackle of a house fire

Something drunk and smeared with dirty brick
Colored liquid like that which drips thick in the eyes
Or something like coffee and cigarettes; dun eyed
And smoldering
laced i'm talkin' Miles Davis 040704
hsg1437 kilometers 070220
what's it to you?
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