typhoid reality instead of appearance
not even tradition is eternal
wounded human beings everywhere
unwillingly a world citizen
"one doesnt have to prove anything; one doesnt want to say anything; it simply happened"
"spared an excess of freedom"
myriadmoods eyed, by you, you the prettyboy, now a man, strong, with eyes of a changing hazel, eyes of the seasons and of the lightness and darkness, you who have eyed me...can you remember dancing to "Eyes without a face"? Oh frankie with your eyes flecked with green and yellow under the lights flickering with the beat of the music, you eyed me and Billy Idol sang "say your prayers". I love that song, your eyes w/ out a face, those eyes i jealously thought would always be mine for coyly playing with, or loking into, or even ignoring, sometimes those eyes, eyed me and I knew it, but it would have caused me death durely to look into your eyes, and let you see my eyes, eyed by you, the eyes are the way to eye one anothers souls, eyed w/ out a soul....thats what we will never be, eyed with all facets of our being shall continually be our gift from God, to each other our eyes, and being eyed by each other. 050324
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