sphinxradio are somehow too abstract for me to grasp.
but you understand, i'm sure, i know i've seen you bow your head, clasp your hands together.
it makes me wonder what the difference is between religion and faith.
desert dwelling bird ...for rain 011108
god ask me for a pepsi, for instance... 011122
ClairE They always started "Dear God", and ended "Your loving daughter, Claire Elizabeth ______".

I wish I could fidget in chapel again.
cube Faith is the key. Religion is the medium
mr.decker faith is the joke and religion is the taking of the joke seriously.

poor mankind, why do you develop this propensity.
poor me, why do i pray

(well i don't but i think the sheets are pulled back to the position i desire)
Meow Discarnate, preternatural, my prayers to disappear 040106
Meow Discarnate, preternatural, my prayers to disappear 040106
Jana Father in heaven, please
open our eyes.
akuma aoi so much wasted breath, as it turned out 050803
a chaotic gift to idealism during the battle between God and the Morning Star, the Morning Star, in his anger over Gods overwhelming affections towards Mankind, in his final stroke in this epic battle of God vs Angel, tore out the tongue of our so-called God.

Ever wander why your prayers are never answered?...
God can not answer you.

Ever wander why God never speaks to you?...
God can not speak to you.

God is a mute in a world full of questions and he is the only one with the answers.
what's it to you?
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