*silent screams Has your heart ever wanted something so badly that u felt numb to anything else...exept the thoughts that denied u of how u felt? Ur mind and heart run on a parallel course, never meeting, never agreeing on anything. They both form their own views and feelings, denying the other of what they think.
...if only both turned slightly off course, then maybe i could figure out what's right.

...i can't take the constant battle between my head and my heart...
Deomis The drummer's steady drumming rings
Shattering the winter air,
The dark grey clouds hang heavily.
War ravaged plains are trampled down
As the battalion of soldiers marches 'roun'

There they stand to face the foe,
Both young and old alike.
Thunder wakes and rumbles ominously,
The enemy comes into sight
Smelling of fear which taints the night.

Battle ready the opposing teams stand
Holding loyal heads so high;
Rain breaks down and lightning soars.
Foward they surge to certain doom
Shouting and crying unearthly tunes.

Bursts of gunpowder fill the sky,
Bullets sear the air,
As death cries fill ones ears.
Flashes and noises engulf and surround,
Destroying the hope that ne'er was found.

One by one they fall into slumber
Crumpling to the sodden ground;
Silence comes to cover the vile grave.
See the battlefield painted red
With the life blood of all those dead.
notme i liked that, Deomis. 040512
Deomis thanks. =) 040512
aM i DiStUrBeD? wow that rocks. well done. like ur way of thinking! 040802
kx21 AQ & QQ around_and_across Heart_and_Mind... 040802
and The_Art_of_War vs. The_Science_of_War 040802
Syrope i hope you realize
that this is something wrong with me

not you

i'm glad you came to find me
i needed someone to find me
i watched your fingers arranging pieces in battle
like maybe you knew i was fearing an attack

there's something inside me that's too big for me to hold on to
the awful truth Ok I grab the mic and you blinking, thinking
this big-nosed white boy about to be stinking
smelling bad
making the whole circle wanna disband
making us sweat man, making us sigh
making us think your MCing was lies
well get it straight im no featherweight
it's like catching a hammerhead when you throw out that fish bait.

every time i'm watching y'all, taking it all in
every time y'all tellin me i take it on the chin
i'm telling you i'm STRAIGHT shit i dont play that GAY shit dont SAY shit or FAKE shit if you can't reLATE shit

i see you rhyming
insulting me good
but whats the point of rhymes if you dont dismantle the hood?
whats the point of "battling"
what happened to "styling," wiling and smiling and all-idea-refining??
what's it to you?
who go