universal cynic I think when doom is upon us and people are scurrying around, I'm gonna light up, open a beer, lean abck and say "I-told-you-so." 000114
doggy at 3 he told me to leave, not to call. handed me my cds and toothbrush. how cute would it be to leave him the toothbrush in my will? 000319
reviuquer Ms. Doggy,

Please see
for some insight on your profound query.
fast-tab is not nearly as good
as Half-Life
but people play it
typhoid you are mistaken.
this word actually reads "dumb".
we're non_prophet around here.
skiblu half life is the bane of my world.
I can't stand that fucking stupid game...
alegra She said, "I like you."
I said, "I like ice cream. I like old people who play the saw with a bow. I like driving in L.A."
I said,"We can't really fuck out here right in the middle of the street."
She said, "Why not?"
She looked me in the eye.
A queasy, blurry look. I rolled off
her and she went into the bushes to
She talked about her old
boyfriend while we lay in bed. All
we ever did was fuck. I listened
to her talk while using her back as
a flat surface to write postcards
on. Postcards to other girls. All
we ever did was fuck, walk around, and drink coffee. I thought that was
probably an improvement, but I wasn't sure.
She said, "zzzz, whats up, are you done yet?"
I said, "What's up
screaming idiot? That didn't
sound like yawning to me."
She said. "What's up sickly
I said, "What's up, hideous-much?"
"What's up hippy-fuck?"
"What's up beautiful?"
"What's up, leaving on the first train out of town?"
She said, "Think I didn't already buy the ticket? What's up,
burning your house down on my way out of town?"
I sighed. Not like a coffeemaker when it's done, but like a big steam-boat leaving dock late at night. Sad.
I said, "What's up, doomed?"
She turned so she could look at me
sideways out of the corner of her eyes,
"Doomed? Why doomed?"

-Aaron Cometbus
pyriel generation 010419
. . 010425
doomed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 010608
ellen cherry charles she was fated to wear the Pants O' Doom, three sizes too large, because of her failure to find humor in life. 020106
elsa I can feel it, when im doomed. its just this odd little sense that tells me i will regret this. i am not even kidding, i can feel it. you would think that i would listen, but no. i just keep doing what i'm doing and expecting the worst.

right now that sense tells me that the entire USA is doomed. bush is digging a hole so deep no one can escape. i am just waiting for the end to come.

it will come
Eowithien In the end, what does it matter what everyone else says? We are all dead in life and in death, we are still dead. What does it matter if we say yes or no? The sun will explode in 10 billion years and I won't be around for it anyway. I have a word, it is me, it is unpronouncible, it can not be written and it is full of lies, shit, and deceit. It can't be spelled correctly either. Do you know my word? I don't.

In the end, I will be doomed to hell. It can't be much different than life now, can it?
GIR i'm gonna sing the doom song! 030220
gammapsivex toto aniawation...Tee-Hee

ORRRRR the end of television as we know it.
In_Bloom I loved my master perfectly
Together we walked into the heart of Chaos
And we marveled at one another
z presupposes predestination 080825
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