Quintessensual Please, no skim, 1 % or 2 % for me. If you're going to give me anything - oh, I mean for my coffee - I want it all, real cream. 991208
troy "c r e a m; -get on top"..
-Song by "The Artist" (formerly known-as Prince)..
matt in a white room 000221
marjorie of the crop.
the best
the brightest
the most tired
the one with the 12 cup coffee pot
in their dorm room window
that brews all the time
making the room smell
like vanilla and espresso
annabel in your eyes
of your skin
(your sea song pulls me in)
playing you like ivory
like ivory
you pull me in
your voice escapes your lips to flood
the little life boat
we're floating in
we try to bail the smooth white song
of you
out of our sailing ship
the cream of your voice is drowning us both
and all we can do
is try to swim
Ariadani mmm, good stuff. i had some cake today, the frosting was whipped cream, and raspberries. well, raspberry mush stuff.

raspberries are so good.

^-^ bliss!
Z stomach pain melts when you dissolve yourslffZ 040531
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