can you taste me, sing me, sweet me?
Rile my fortuitous feathers and listen
to me skwak. rawk.
lotusflower is nice. 000418
miniver Vanilla and edelweiss.
This is my shampoo.

It is also clear,
and of a pinkish hue.

Now you know my secret.

Shit. I didn't intend for that to rhyme, though -- truth.
Masculine rhyme is a disease.
See what it's done to me?
Always cover your mouth when you blathe.
grasshopper i prefer chocolate. 000502
Brad A good friend just affirmed my feeling that i'm not vanilla. 000502
deb scent flits about
in curling smoke
mingling with the wind
as candles burn
and incense lives
betwixt the fingers
of my hand

marjorie i once was making cookies
and the recipe called for 1 tsp. vanilla
i did not pour as well as one would hope
and i ended up with two or three teaspoons
drifting about in cookie dough
until i added the other ingredients
it did not change much
and mistakes taste good to me now
Lindsey You always said it was your favorite flavor because it was the color and texture of my skin. 010215
*spoons* it looks sorta good, it smells really good but plain it dont taste too good. 010215
Solstice His teddybear smells like my perfume. 011104
Toxic_Kisses Is said like a vulgar curse when referring to sex 020518
eklektic so the first time i bought one at school you took it and drank some of it and said it was like we had made out because our spit was intermingled. i said i was coke and you were vanilla. you said lets go somewhere and make vanilla coke. since then, i've had one at least everyday. this is getting bad. 020610
silentbob Sigh 020611
jane sky...bob i still haven't seen it...sorry i'm suck a flake 020612
jane i mean "such" 020612
niska smells yummy, but after a while it's too much of a good thing. 030308
jane i bought vanilla cigarettes so you wouldn't get so mad at me when i had been out smoking with my friends. gives me a cigarette buzz i haven't had in five years. licking my lips to taste the sugary mmmm 030617
apostrophe I know my girlfried is cheating on me, but pill or no pill, I just hope she makes the other dumb son of a bitch wear a condom too.

I never want to find myself stirring in someone else's vanilla, if you take my meaning. crapcrapcrapcrapcrap


Sorry, I'll stop now.
If anyone is looking for me - which I doubt - I'll be in my kitchen knocking the shit outta myself with the good skillet.
pobodys nerfect I like the smell of vanilla extract, but vanilla candles and most of those vanilla scented perfumes that were really popular a few years ago, give me a headache--they had too much of a sickly-sweet smell. :P
One really good vanilla bubble bath I found was the victoria's secret
"vanilla lace" stuff. It's heavenly.
someone whatever 040919
emmi your spit tastes like vanilla 041129
this blathe tastes like white paper 041129
fix 041129
skinny extreemist
floats down stream
heart was juicy
dripped with nectarine
now it's dried up
nothing to pump
vomits listerine

seesaw, break the law
planes stop on a dime
chirst cross, applesauce
taste the loss
it tastes just like

a heaven with no context
smiling silver shepards
under an ancient turquoise sky,
sell you cheap bracelets.satan's advertising commitee, they got it all wrong
too much time painting everything white
dripping red sap onto dimes
said they'd burn you if you'd pay the price
screw your soul and drain your eyes,
it tastes just like vanilla.

(i'm thinking of reading this at an open mic poetry night thursday. i'm curious to what kind of reaction i'd get. it will be something like 50% high school kids.)
skinny *christ cross
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